About us

While we keep our eyes on the best deal, you can focus on the business

We are here to help ambitious and hardworking business owners of the UK to get financial assistance for varying necessities. When you are with us, you should not worry about any form of business cash flow problems. We will take you to the most suitable funding structure that will work best for you.

We are elated to introduce ourselves to you. It will help you understand more about TheBusinessFunds, as the responsible finance broker in the UK.

Who are we?

We have started our services keeping the financial struggles that a business might face after a few years of establishment. We aim to provide a platform where you can connect with a variety of finance providers.

We want to help you navigate any form of financial crisis. Businesses can come to us and seek guidance to find the right lender. Since we are accessible online, reaching out to us would not be a tiring task anymore.

Our most significant assets are our features which are:

  • Network of seasoned finance providers
  • Wide experience in the finance market
  • Preference for borrower’s interest
  • Prompt action-taking skills
  • A simplified approach to a critical problem

We have one of the best arrangements set up to help you fetch financial support for your businesses. It ensures you get an opportunity to settle with the most special bespoke offer.


How we are different from other finance brokers?

Customers are our centre of attention. Our work revolves around them. We get in touch with prominent finance providers so that we can downsize the financial strain from your business.

We do not take charge of arranging finances directly for you. Lenders we work with will take care of this part. Our lookout is to establish a link between businesses and potential financial companies.

You will not return empty-handed once you approach us. We will try hard to make things work for you as we recognise that every business differs from the others. For this reason, we put stress on finding a purpose-based solution for our customers.

You can figure out what has set us apart from others.

Communicate with humans

We believe in building relationships first so that we can get to know you very well. We like to have one-on-one communication with you before proceeding further.

Experience flexibility

Adaptability is our biggest tool to survive and excel. We are aware of the changing needs of our customers. We want to keep ourselves updated in terms of delivering the best services.

Expect innovations

TheBusinessFunds acknowledges the significance of technology and its role in the business sector. We try to gain knowledge on how innovatively we can assist our customers.

Our mission

Our assistance will direct you to the right business loan or unsecured business loans to fulfil your requirements. With us, you get complete liberty to walk off at any time. There is no obligation on you.


Once you identify the right financial solution, we must ensure you get a quotation at the budget price. Our connections with multiple lenders let you fetch offers from different finance providers. Therefore, you can easily compare various offers just by being with us.

We define our mission as a helpful interface where you can pick the best deal by spending the least time. Navigation through our website is easy and simple. Instructions are there to help you complete every step.

How do we work?

Our working framework is very effortless to understand.


Introduce your business to us

It means you must share vital information before kick-starting the search. The online form will require details about your business and its funding needs.

Check out your options

We have the necessary tools to do the leg work for you. Information related to funding options and providers will appear before your eyes. You will get the estimate also.


Compare options

With all the information in one place, it is easy for you to compare different offers. In fact, you can have a bird’s eye view of the pricing structure by deciding to work with us.

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