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Compare deals on long-term business loans for up to £500,000

Does your business need larger funding to make significant investments or expansion? A long-term business loan is a perfect choice to make. It is a loan that brings stable financial support to small, medium, or big enterprises for a long duration. With sufficient funds, you can plan to spread your business wings in the UK and explore fresh opportunities to raise revenue.

Why do long-term loans hold significance? Why not other standard loans? The primary difference is that you pay back the borrowed sum for a longer period. Therefore, these loans suit more established companies as they need additional funding to expand their business or to seek new investment opportunities.

Another vital feature of these loans is that you get a higher amount to obtain (as the general higher borrowing limit that most lenders offer is £500,000). You get that amount by placing a business asset. By getting this sort of asset finance, companies can plan to increase their manufacturing by purchasing the latest equipment. They can enhance their business operations by developing a fresh construction project.

Long-term business loans are also practical for small businesses. They require a lesser amount than established companies. By keeping an asset, they can get immediate access to funds to manage the ongoing expenses.

A lower interest rate is indeed a significant feature of long-term loans. Lenders remain at no risk if the borrower defaults because they can repossess that asset to compensate for the unpaid amount. A solid credit history and a constructive relationship with the lender will add more to your loan approval chances.

You should remain positive always with having Thebusinessfunds at your side. Once you apply here, you get a comprehensive list of lenders and our loan experts will guide you while comparing their interest rates.


What are long-term business loans?

Long-term loans for business are the typical business loans that allow a large lump sum amount to approved applicants, which they have to repay for an extended duration. Business owners can utilise these loans for profitable investments or growth. They can use the borrowed amount to consolidate the due debts and to manage one-time expenses.

The loan amount will be split into monthly instalments, which you have to pay for a maximum of 10 years. However, some lenders may allow the term to be more than that, and we can suggest their names if you want.

Long-term loans are primarily secured business loans as an asset that backs them up. The asset will further act as the loan guarantee for the lender, and it can approve your loan application straightway. However, it is not always possible to put an asset to obtain comparatively a lower amount.

Suppose you need around £30000 just to fill the funding gap while purchasing small equipment. At the same time, you lack an asset that has an equal value to that amount. In such a scenario, you can opt for the option of unsecured business loans where you do not need an asset.

More queries regarding business long-term loans have been answered here:-

- What are the reasons to opt for long-term business loans?

The businesses that have been doing their commercial operations need loans more often than not. Therefore, reasons are plenty to opt for long-term business loans, which may include:

  • Compared to small business loans, these large loans bring more stability and affordability in managing the monthly repayments;
  • You will have a reliable lending industry on long-term finance as compared to a smaller one. In a few minutes, we can match your business requirements with a suitable lender who can provide you with quick funding and fulfil your commercial demand;
  • Another vital reason to go for these loans is that you can use the amount for any of your commercial purposes. Our lenders follow the flexible approach and do not force you to use the amount for a specific purpose only;
  • With long-term loans, you have plenty of features to obtain. For instance, the loans we suggest will have choices of fixed or variable interest rates or you can apply for secured or unsecured loans.

- What are the types of long-term business loans?

These loans are primarily asset finance, as they are secured with collateral. Still, we know some lenders offer other business loan products for an extended period. These include:

  • Inventory Finance: Do you like to purchase more inventories to increase your stock? Fulfil the task by getting considerable funding and having a trustworthy deal on inventory finance.
  • Equity Finance: If you can put your equity to get the needed capital, this long-term business financing will be the option for you. If you default, you do not have to repay that capital but you have to hand over your equity to the investor or lender.
  • Commercial property finance: Another example of long-term loans is commercial property finance. It is a loan option available against the mortgage of your business property.

- What are the purposes of long-term business loans?

Businesses of every sort may have different purposes for applying for a long-term loan. However, they will differ according to the needs of the industries but often include:-

  • To enlarge production and get better returns by investing loan money in the new plant, equipment and machinery;
  • To raise funds and fulfil the task of project development (it is largely for the construction industry);
  • To invest more in commercial activities and development
  • To manage wages or expenses of hiring more staff at the new location or to perform the latest project;
  • To invest money in large-scale research and development on the latest products to target the market.

How does a long-term business loan work?

Long-term business loans in the UK are functioned under an agreement signed by the lender and the borrower. As per the agreement, the lender is liable to pay a loan amount to the borrower. Later, the borrower has to repay that amount in monthly instalments combined with a split principal amount and an interest rate to the lender for a specific duration.

The loan providers usually determine one’s loan application based on factors like personal or business credit score, possible returns, business assets, and financial scenario in total.

- Long-term business loan interest rates and fees

As per our understanding of the loan market, the standard interest rates on these long-term loans range from 10% to 60%. These are usually lower than short-term business loans, considering the larger loan period and amount for considerable business investments.

Other factors that influence the decision on interest rates are the credit scores. If you have been good at maintaining a decent credit score, then you will have stronger chances of loan approval and the lowest interest rate. However, we also communicate with those lenders who can accept applications with low credit profiles.

Some lending firms also ask for origination fees to deal with the loan application. These usually remain around 1% to 7%, depending upon the loan amount and paid during the loan closure.

For example, suppose you want to borrow an amount of £10000, and the lender has kept an interest rate of 10% on it with a 5% processing fee. With these figures, you have to pay monthly instalment of £254 whereas £3048 in total will be your interest throughout the loan term.


- Terms of long-term loans for businesses

The loan repayment terms vary among the lenders in the UK. They decide according to the loan amount and the affordability according to the business’s returns. Some common repayment terms are:

Up to 36 Months: It is the most preferred loan term, particularly among small businesses. These loans available for 3 years usually have higher interest rates but bring a chance to close your loan early.

Up to 60 Months: These loans generally carry lower interest rates, but your loan instalments will go longer. The lender can give approval on this after analysing the loan amount, the type of business you are running and your overall financial circumstances.

Up to 10 Years or more: These will be complete long-term business loans where you keep repaying the borrowed amount for up to 10 years or more than that. You get the lowest interest rates, but payments will be done in a way that takes a longer time. These loans prove better if you are running a large and well-established business.

Long-term business loans: Advantages and disadvantages

Long-term business finance favours you in terms of lower interest rates and more balanced repayment terms. It can prove beneficial if you want to finance your growth projects. However, these long-term loans may not suit you if you want to stabilise your cash flow and are looking for growth opportunities. For these purposes, you should look for short-term business funding available for a smaller time frame.

Advantages Disadvantages
You can look for these loans to accomplish your company’s development in the market, as these are available for longer durations, large amounts and the lowest interest rates. Since the loan term goes longer, you have to manage the fixed payments for an extended duration. It can sometimes become difficult in seasonal fluctuations.
With most online deals we suggest, you can quickly grab the opportunity for significant investment. If your application is correct, you can get approval within 24 hours. If you want a small amount or quick business cash injection, these loans may lack adequate support. For these, you should go for small business loans.
With small monthly instalments, you can better handle the business operations and other expenses. It means you will have better stability in your business. Qualifying for long-term loans may be difficult as lenders can ask for proper documentation related to annual revenue and business credit scores.

Are you not sure how to move ahead towards long-term business finance? As a reliable business loan broker, our online loan assistance ensures you do not have to submit too many documents while applying.

What things to know about long-term small business loans?

Long-term loans allow business owners to continue with their companies’ development plans while paying only the initial amount of a particular project and managing the rest of the amount with the loan.

You may be planning for the next level of your business, want to have a new location in the UK, buy the latest equipment, target new markets, expand your staff or add more products. Longer-term loans can fund all your business needs or aspirations.

These loans can help you at large if your company may be doing a local or small business. You can fund your plans for business growth and development. The lower monthly instalments of long-term small business loans can boost the opportunities for your business to use the maximum part of returns on active cash flow.

However, preparation is vital because you cannot take things lightly while applying for a loan. Our loan experts suggest a few things, such as:

Compare the interest rates: Your priority should be to compare the rates of different lenders. We certainly help you in this regard by making a short but comprehensive list of lenders who are providing affordable rates only.

Be ready for additional payments: Try to choose loans with variable rates, as it can help you in paying off the loan earlier. If you get better returns in between, you can add more to the monthly instalments and close the loan early.

Communicate with the lender positively: Some lenders may charge additional fees or penalties which they do not reveal in the initial quote. You should feel open to being in touch with the lender directly about the actual loan cost.

You should have a practical business plan: Your business plan should look active and practical to bring more returns. It will help the lender to analyse your capacity to repay the loans.

How to access a long-term business loan with Thebusinessfunds?

You may look for a small business loan, but it puts a lot of pressure on the initial cash flow and restricts you from borrowing a heavy amount. It generally happens with small or medium-scale businesses. On the other hand, seeking longer-term funding can offer your business the funds required to grow and plan for an extended duration.

Your search should not be on any loan. Instead, your priority should be to find the best long-term business loan available from a trustworthy lending firm in the UK. We suggest you concentrate on your business activities because searching for the best loans will be done by us.

We have experience in the UK business loan marketplace. We are very much aware of the practice where we match the aspirant’s business needs with the lender’s terms. Therefore, you can trust us while aspiring for the best long-term business finance agreement.

Just make us familiar with these necessities so that we can narrow our search:

  • The time your business is active in the market
  • Annual returns
  • Debt situations
  • Purpose of availing a loan
  • Desired loan amount and repayment term

We have communication with over 100 lenders providing different sorts of business loans. Most of them offer online loans to established businesses, allowing quick opportunities to grow and to compete in the market.

As a responsible business loan broker, Thebusinessfunds has a proven track record in helping many businesses in the UK to fulfil their ambitions. You may be the next one.


What are the long-term business loan requirements?

Most lenders that we suggest have been very cooperative with the businesses in getting funds for an extended period. Therefore, they put general loan qualifying criteria based on these factors:

  • Your personal or business credit score
  • Business running time in the UK
  • Regular cash flow and other operating costs
  • Your stake in the company

If you prepare with all these points, then be ready with these documents to submit:

  • Your business plan
  • Licenses from the government
  • Bank statements and other financial papers
How do I apply for long-term business loans?

Applying for these long-term loans involves only simple steps, as we suggest you most of the online deals.

  • Prepare all your business finance details to share with the lender
  • Pre-decide the loan amount and term after doing a comprehensive research
  • Compare the rates and fees of various lenders suggested by us, and we will definitely help you
  • Apply at the lender’s website by filling out the given application form
  • Receive the desired business capital in your bank account
Are long-term loans or short-term loans better for my business?

Thebusinessfunds is always ready to share lenders and their deals whether you apply for a long-term loan or a short one. If you go for long-term business finance, you may have stricter conditions to follow as you are going to borrow large amounts for a longer duration. However, you pay lower interest rates.

On the other hand, short-term business loans suit the instant funding needs of primarily small companies. They are easier to get and can end early, too, due to their shorter duration. You must be ready to pay higher interest rates as they are mostly unsecured.

Where can you get a long-term loan for your business?

A number of lending firms offer long-term business finance. These may include mainstream banks and online lending firms. The companies operating in the UK mostly prefer them. Banks usually have fixed qualifying criteria, and they may have a cumbersome application procedure. Online lenders can be a choice if you need money quickly to expand your business early or grab a big investment opportunity. Do not worry about their reliability, as we suggest only genuine lenders to you.

What is the best approach to using a long-term business loan?

Our lenders understand your financial compulsions and business aspirations. Therefore, they pursue flexible lending norms and do not restrict you from using the loan amount for the most beneficial business prospects. However, we and the lenders may expect that you use the loan money for the right purposes. For instance, suppose you are applying for commercial property finance; you should use the amount for a particular purpose, i.e. real estate. Always read the loan terms pointed out in the agreement before signing it.