business loan secured by real estate
Gary Weaver February 22, 2024

How to get a Business Loan Secured by Real Estate in the UK?

A business loan secured by real estate is a commercial funding option. It allows business owners to borrow huge funds against any of the assets they pledge as collateral. This option is also called a secured business loan. This loan type offers a longer tenure as compared to the short ones with no collateral. Also, the …

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Harry Kane February 13, 2024

Difference between a bill and an invoice

Whether it’s an invoice or a bill, both are the vital part of a business. No sale of a product or service can take place without releasing the invoice and bill. Both have legal identities, too, in the eyes of the law.  If the seller does not deliver the product mentioned in the invoice, the …

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fund your business
Gary Weaver February 5, 2024

Pros and Cons of Self-funding Your Business      

Did you know that many start-ups consider funding your businesses or even large enterprises with the help of personal resources? Although it sounds a little ‘not so familiar’ in terms of how businesses garner working capital, it does make sense in a way because not every brand can work per the rules of a bank …

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Business Loans in the UK
Harry Kane February 1, 2024

5 reasons why successful businesses in the UK borrow money

How borrowing money can drive success for businesses? This question arises because many business owners consider debt to be a huge risk. They always try to avoid the idea of borrowing as it ultimately incurs them a lot of costs. Borrowing money is not mandatory but could be the best choice during specific scenarios. To …

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Christmas Sales
Gary Weaver December 8, 2023

Steps to Prepare Your Retail Store for Christmas Sales

The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year for many retail store owners. Decorations transform shops into winter wonderlands bustling with festive spirit. For small businesses especially, the Christmas rush brings hopes of hitting yearly sales goals and turning decent profits before the year’s end. However, without proper planning, retailer dreams can …

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Business Loan
Harry Kane December 5, 2023

How are Digital Technologies Influencing the Lending Landscape in the UK?  

In the ever-evolving lending landscape, the United Kingdom is experiencing a profound shift, thanks to the advent of digital technologies. This revolution is changing how we borrow and reshaping the entire lending experience. Among the most visible changes is the increased accessibility to loans. Digital platforms have made it easier for individuals to explore & …

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business franchise loan
Gary Weaver November 27, 2023

How to Obtain a Loan to Start a Business Franchise?

The main idea behind owning a franchise is to utilise the popularity and goodwill of an already established business. Building a venture from scratch takes time; some people do not feel like waiting longer to see it grow. Buying a franchise would be a good option for them. In this case, you will be selling …

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Harry Kane November 22, 2023

What is LTV? How does it vary in Different types of Loans?

Have you decided to expand your business by taking out a loan? You need to do the math cautiously; otherwise, the cost might surpass your capability. LTV, i.e. Loan-to-Value, is a critical element, especially when you are searching for mortgage options. A deeper understanding of the various aspects related to getting a loan is a …

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Bridging Loans
Gary Weaver November 13, 2023

How can Bridging Finance Help your Business to Grow?

In the ever-changing finance landscape, where time is of the essence, Bridging Finance emerges as your express lane to success. Think of it as a sleek, efficient bridge connecting your present financial standing to your plans. This financial shortcut ensures a quick and seamless crossing over temporary fund gaps, propelling you forward quickly and easily. …

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