Business Equipment Finance

  • Money with no stress and no fee
  • All types of equipment funding
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  • Affordable repayment plans

Scale and grow with business equipment finance

Equipment is the most vital part of a business infrastructure. No business operation can take place without it. Therefore, it is the first thing for a commercial entity for the smooth functioning of the business. For faster growth, it is common to buy or lease equipment through equipment finance. Numberless finance options are available in the market, yet it is daunting to choose one that best suits your requirements. Hiring a business finance broker can be a practical way to shortlist the best options to compare for a wise choice.

TheBusinessFunds offers its services in this sector and has dealt with thousands of clients who need machinery finance. We have a panel of equipment and machinery finance providers that deal in varied industries. If you want to scale your business and earn a bigger profit through functional equipment, call us now. Our experts will find the finance companies for you. Just choose one of the options to arrange finance for equipment. We will bargain with the fund provider on interest rates and will start the loan process once you accept a deal.

Advantages of business equipment finance

  • You can scale your business as better equipment means better production
  • Manage cash flow easily as business finance has affordable repayment plans
  • There is no compulsion of collateral to borrow money through this option
  • Flexibility to choose from lease financing or purchase financing
  • Serves to urgent equipment requirements efficiently by providing funds

What is equipment business finance?

Machinery and equipment finance is generally a type of business funding product. It allows businesses to buy or lease various equipment required for daily operations. The equipment includes computers, office furniture, medical or dental equipment, company vehicles, manufacturing equipment, etc. Even big plants that need equipment and appliances can do it through plant finance. You can call it another version of the finance type. Buying them helps a commercial organisation grow faster due to improvement in productivity.

It is basically destined to buy or lease heavy appliances. We suggest you think twice before availing funds. A comparison of the companies providing plant and machinery finance in the UK is the best thing to do. When you know about the features of varied fund providers, you can choose the one closer to your repayment capacity. TheBusinessFunds can be a reliable bridge between you and your desired finance company. We have many finance companies registered with us.

Did you know?

This finance option can fund 100% of the price of equipment. Isn’t that amazing? But this is what makes it important that you compare all the lending options. When you have so many good options, why compromise by sticking to a few ones? We have options for both equipment leasing and finance. Regardless of your location in the UK, get your machinery finance, plant finance, manufacturing appliance finance through borrower-friendly conditions online.


What are the types of equipment finance?

It satisfies all needs of the business owners, and therefore, it has different types. Read below and choose which type of equipment financing suits your daily operations best. We will just follow your choice and will find the best finance companies. The information below will also help you compare equipment finance vs leasing vs hire purchase.

Purchase equipment funding

This type is also called asset finance because it allows you to buy an appliance by pledging the same equipment as collateral. This type has some specific features that you should know about.

  • As this type includes collateral, the lender may offer 100% finance.
  • The usual LTV for equipment finance in the UK is 80% of the total equipment price.
  • In case of non-repayment of funds, the lender will have the right to the equipment.
  • This option is practical only when you are sure about your repayment capacity.
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Equipment leasing

When you take equipment on lease, it plays the leasing part of commercial equipment financing. It has some special features too. Go through it and see if it convinces you. However, if you run a business in the UK, you must have heard about it.

  • Leasing is a better option if you want to use the machinery for a short time.
  • Leasing allows you to change the equipment that needs updated versions, such as computers and laptops.
  • Leasing never makes you the owner of the equipment. If you need to, you can only extend or renew the leasing agreement.
  • In the UK, few leasing companies offer purchase options, but your repayment record will be considered.

Hire purchase

In a hire purchase, you can hire equipment for a certain period through a contract. You make some payments according to decided terms and conditions. Once that contract is over, the borrower becomes the legal owner.

  • Hire purchase is an excellent option if you want to use the equipment for a long time.
  • The lender takes every instalment you make as the hire charge.
  • You can start using the asset right after the contract.
  • The instalments can be monthly, yearly, quarterly, half-early, etc.

All the financial terms mentioned above are applicable on equipment funding, machinery finance and plant finance equally. These types are ubiquitously available in the UK and we can assure your access to them.

How can I get plant finance?

Like any other financing option, the equipment and plant finance work totally on your repayment capacity. Whether you purchase or take an appliance on a lease, as long as you can make payments on time, getting machinery finance is never stressful.

At TheBusinessFunds broker services, we help you get finance through the following steps -

  • Our experts confirm the finance amount you need, its purpose and your urgency to attain funds
  • Once they are clear about your priorities, they compare hundreds of lenders to match you with the right finance choice
  • Lastly, you choose a lender, and our finance specialist assists you throughout the loan process

Basic requirements:-

You will find thousands of equipment financing companies with different policies. But some generic requirements are same everywhere.

  • Financial statement of your business profit and loss of past one year
  • The bank statement for the past one year to check overall commercial transactions
  • Your credit score and credit history are always a point of curiosity
  • Future projects that a business might be working on

Business types that need equipment finance

Take off well with asset and equipment finance

New businesses are always struggling with financial issues and seek for such short-term business loans. Equipment financing is a great option for them. In fact, asset or equipment financing is quite popular among start-up organisations. Such commercial entities always seek affordable machine finance options to develop their infrastructure with the right machinery.

At TheBusinessFunds, we facilitate easy funding for new businesses, whether it is a retail store, gym, restaurant, cleaning services, or others. If any business needs money, we help them connect to the best lenders in their industry. As the equipment finance broker, we know the nerve of the market. Our experts have a deeper insight into finance products. The more you tell us about your business, the higher the possibility of finding the relevant funding options.

Features of equipment finance options we find for you -

  • Minimum finance value £1,000
  • Finance term 1 year to 5 years
  • No big deposit amount
  • No upfront fee
  • Tax deductible lease
  • Immediate tax decisions

TheBusinessFunds is a dedicated secured and unsecured business loan broker. We assure you that we will bring the best equipment lease finance companies that fulfil your short-term and long-term requirements. Our team is always ready to answer all your queries, as we understand that business is a huge responsibility. Whether you have a small business or an established one, our finance and leasing options will certainly help you find funds peacefully. Let us talk now to craft a better tomorrow for your business.


What types of equipment can be purchased or leased through this finance?

All types of commercial equipment can be purchased or leased through this finance option. Office furniture, salon equipment, dry cleaning appliances, transportation equipment, etc., you name it, and you can buy it. The point is that equipment or machinery finance is quite a versatile product. It can be obtained as unsecured as well as secured business loans. We connect you with the relevant fund providers. Also, our team will bargain on interest rates for you.

How much time does it take to avail of business equipment finance?

It can be a matter of a few hours if you borrow a smaller amount. But even if you are obtaining a larger amount, it will take a maximum of one week. However, never forget that your repayment capacity is always the decisive factor. We are not like those who make fake promises. In fact, transparency and honesty are two pillars of our work strategy. This is the reason we successfully found funding options with a higher approval rate. The majority of the borrowers who connect to us get loan approval.

How do I choose the best equipment financing companies?

The only reliable way to choose the best finance options is through comparison. Compare interest rates, repayment plans, and fee structure and ask for hidden charges. The more focused you remain on your requirements, the better the chances of making a wise choice. However, hiring a broker like TheBusinessfunds is a better option. We know the trends and the depth of the market. From working capital loans to equipment financing, we have ways to help you.

They say start-up businesses don’t get great deals

Well, never listen to the people. After all, half-knowledge is always dangerous. A finance broker can always give you much better advice through its insight and knowledge of the finance market. Visit our contact page now, and you will get funds with great deals. There is no bias due to your start-up tag. An unbiased suggestion is always better than thousands of rumours. You should avoid the latter.

What if I have a bad credit score?

So what, if you have a bad credit score, that does not always mean a No? If you have improved your current financial situation, you can definitely get business loans for buying appliances. Let us know your situation and we will definitely find a finance company for you. We deal with thousands of finance companies and finding an equipment finance lender is seriously not rocket science for us. Let’s use our experience and expertise for the commercial growth and stability of your business.