Joint Venture Development Finance

Measure another mile of your real estate business

  • Access to 100% funding
  • Create a network with renowned investors
  • Funds reach within one week
  • Get money for multi-use properties
  • Ensure speedy completion of project

Joint venture finance to get closer to next real estate opportunity

Commercial organisations keep working on new projects at different times. Still, sufficient funds don't need to be available every time. The scale and cost of every project is different. Many times, business owners do not have enough capital to invest. Investing business money in any project can affect the cash flow. In such a situation, joint venture development finance plays an important role.

Across the UK, this type of finance option is frequently used by business owners. TheBusinessfunds is a joint venture finance broker working in this sector for a decade. If you have a plan to start a new project, contact us for any kind of additional fund requirement and we will find out the best joint venture development investors for you. Along with this, we will also support you in bargaining on the total cost of the deal.

What is joint venture finance?

Joint Venture Development Finance is a typical business finance product. It allows you to borrow money from a lender for any of your new projects without giving any deposit. For this reason, it is also called 100% development finance. In return, the lender receives a part of the profit from the project. This loan option can be used for all property types that are residential, mixed use and commercial property projects.

Funds obtained through joint venture business loan can be used for -

  • New builds
  • Multi-unit properties
  • Conversions or extensions
  • Mixed-use properties
  • Commercial developments

The joint venture development finance is useful for buying construction materials, purchasing new land, and covering project costs and labour costs. Before you borrow funds, it is vital to compare the deals and lenders available in the market. Our team of experts can find customised deals depending on your requirements. We first understand your project type, scale, deadline and the amount required. Accordingly, we prepare a list of joint venture financing providers. Once you shortlist the loan companies, we talk to them on your behalf and bargain to attain the best possible deal.


How does joint venture development finance work?

The loan deal starts with a joint venture finance agreement between you and the lender. The agreement has all the terms and conditions. The most important of these conditions is how much percentage of profit you will provide to the lender after the project completion. This percentage is usually 40% to 50% of overall profit.

Your exit strategy to pay off funds obtained through joint venture property development finance will be mentioned in the documents. This is your repayment strategy to pay off the loan. It is vital to ensure the finance company about the timely payment. Some lenders charge interest along with profit, but this does not happen in every lender's case. It depends on the individual project and the financial condition of the borrower.

Joint Venture Finance Options
  • Debt finance
  • Internal finance
  • Equity finance
  • Hybrid finance
  • External finance

If the lender is charging you interest, it is mostly rolled up to ensure that you do not pay the interest for the entire duration. Otherwise, the expense will be an unnecessary monthly burden. We can take care of that part as your joint venture finance broker, as we always work in the favour of our customers.

The loan company gives money according to different stages of the project. Every project is divided into different durations like 12 months, 24 months and 36 months. As soon as this duration is completed, the lender releases the money accordingly. When the project is completed, you will make your sale and will give the decided profit to your joint venture finance company. Once the payment is over, you are free of debt.

Benefits of Joint Venture Development finance

In many ways, joint venture finance proves itself to be a highly profitable business loan solution. As an unconventional choice, joint venture finance supports property developers and dealers in starting new projects and expanding of business. It has some other benefits as well, which you can read below:

Get huge funds conveniently - Through joint venture development finance, you can get a large loan amount for any big project. Not only this, but funds are also easily available to run more than one project. This facility gives a reliable option for the speedy progress of your real-estate businesses. This is why joint venture property development finance options are very popular across the UK. Are you planning to start a new project? Contact Thebusinessfunds, and we will shortlist the best joint venture financing investors for your next big deal.

100% funding is possible - Through this option, you can obtain funds equivalent to 100% cost of a project. This feature makes joint venture finance a unique option. For this reason, it is also known as the 100% joint venture financing. Without any deposit, you obtain money equal to the cost of one or more projects. No other loan option provides this flexibility. They don’t allow you to borrow more than 80% or 85% funds of the overall cost. Due to this reason, whenever you need a hefty amount, rely on joint venture finance for property development. Your next real estate opportunity is just a few clicks away.

Take benefit of experience and expertise - Joint venture financing connects you with real estate industry experts. When experienced professionals invest in your project, you get insights into property development, marketing, construction and sales. Collaborating with knowledgeable people gives you access to best practices in property development. Your networking improves, which helps ensure the success of a project. With better industry insights, you can plan a progressive approach not only for your current project but also for your future projects. Every time you choose joint venture finance, you meet new people with a broader vision in the industry.

Boost your credibility - Due to JV financing, your company's name gets associated with established investors. This increases the credibility of your business in the eyes of banks, buyers and investors. Your achievements are easily visible. This, in turn, increases the chances of getting better investors in the future. Also, due to joint venture property development finance, you get a strong market presence and favourable terms. Obtaining additional funding for your future projects becomes simpler. As soon as you complete a project, you automatically start getting offers from the new investors for the next projects.

Speedy completion of project - In joint venture financing, money is released according to the different stages of the project. In such a situation, the property developer and investors both try to ensure that the project starts on time and is completed on time. Every initiative becomes a collective effort, due to which any project gets accomplished under the deadline. Not only the business owner but also the investors believe that there should be no delay. Joint venture finance brings everyone together as the profit and loss of all included in the work are linked together.

Information required to apply for Joint venture finance

Due to its uniqueness, joint venture property development finance has some specific demands. You need to take care of a few factors while applying for it. The points given below tell what details you have to provide while applying for it. The more promptly you provide the information, the sooner your funding will be approved. As a result, the proposed project will also start on time.

You need the following documents for joint venture funding. The list applies the same across the UK.

  • The site address
  • A copy of the planning permission
  • Detailed costing
  • Designs or drawings
  • The schedule of works
  • Details of your exit strategy
  • Details of the project’s team, such as the project manager, contractor and architect
  • The estimated value of the completed project
  • Details of your development experience

As soon as your provider for Joint venture finance for property development is finalised, we will help you in completing all the formalities. Which document do you need to provide, and how to file the details? We explain everything. Our customer support system always guides you from start to end. We never leave our customers unassisted. Also, our joint venture funding services are available 24*7.

In case of any kind of doubt, you can call us to clarify everything. Ask about the latest status of your applied request and in how much time your fund will reach your account. Our experience says that the more hard work one puts in his loan application the sooner his project starts.

Always keep in mind that whenever you apply for joint venture property development finance, provide information correctly and provide it at the right time.

Why choose us to find the best finance deal?

TheBusinessFunds is a synonym for responsible loan broker services. Being a joint venture finance introducer, we know exactly what our customers need and which lender will be best for them. For the past many years, we have been helping commercial entities to complete their projects.

Below are some points that authenticate why our existing customers are satisfied with our services. Understand why prospective customers should choose us for their next big real estate initiative.

  • Broker without brokerage

    We do act as your joint venture finance broker but do not charge any brokerage. We do not take any commission from fund seekers. All our payments come from the lenders that we shortlist for you. This is why you can apply for our services and obtain the business funds with complete peace of mind.

    We never impose any additional charge on the customers. Whenever it comes to any kind of loan broker services, people are most afraid of brokerage. However, with us, you will get only affordable deals for joint venture development finance for property that are pocket-friendly for you.

  • Complete Assistance in procedure

    Once you select a lender, your loan process begins. Our customer support team assists you throughout the loan process, from collecting your documents to sending them to the lender and fund dispersal. We are always there for you. We even support you in any kind of bargaining for your joint venture business loan to get you the best deal available.

    With our vast networking, we easily find great funding options for fund seekers. It takes a maximum of one week to receive money in your bank account. Stop thinking and apply now to move faster for the next big development project in real estate.

  • Traceable and transparent process

    Once your loan process starts with a lender, you can track every stage of your application throughout the process. You can know the status of your loan request. We facilitate complete transparency to our customers by following the fair rules of joint venture finance for property development.

    The basis of any commercial activity is trust. Our existing customers rely on us. They know that every aspect of our procedure, from the start to the end, is handled honestly and professionally. But experience speaks louder than words. Apply today and see things yourself.

  • Get personalised deal options

    Every project carries its requirements, and every company has a different approach towards it. Also, the difference in the budgetary needs is obvious. Due to this, we can't provide the same type of loan option to every fund seeker. Whenever you approach us for joint venture finance, we first understand your requirements. Accordingly, we find out a suitable funding company.

    As we do this work every day, it is simpler for us to know which loan deal will be best for which type of financial requirement. We offer suggestions and support depending on the location of a project.

  • No hassle of scrutinising numerous deals

    Handling large real estate projects can be as complicated as rocket science sometimes. You need to take care of nook and cranny. It is difficult to invest your precious time in comparing the numberless lenders in the loan market. Through our joint venture development finance broker services, you save your time and get the best deal.

    We provide you with affordable funding options and start your loan procedure in a short time. No need to mention within a week, your funds will reach you. Due to our in-depth knowledge of the market, we can list the significant joint venture development loan options for your business.

We want you to be stress-free as the funding part is our responsibility. Your project needs attention on many important aspects. As your joint venture finance broker, we can assure a great experience. We have been doing this for years, and all our customers are aware of how professionally we handle things. Thebusinessfunds wants to use its vast networking to offer you suitable options of finance for joint ventures in the UK. Need any help with finances? Call us now, and we are there to program the best investment options for your next step in progress.


How long it takes to get funds through Joint Venture Financing?

Usually, it takes a maximum of one week to get funds in your account. But your business financial conditions are major decision makers. For sure, once we start working on your application, we will ensure things are speedy. It is our past record to complete all the procedures in a maximum of one week. Due to the 100% financing nature of this product, this is the minimum time frame. You should know for multiple projects funding, different time frames may apply.

How much can I borrow through joint venture development finance?

The minimum limit starts from £2,50,000 and can span to millions of Pounds depending on the requirement. Your business's financial stability in the recent past and overall record decide the amount you can get. Other factors too matter in the lending procedure. The size of the project, deadline, and history of successful projects all things matter.

How can I get the best deal on joint venture finance?

You can easily get the best deals on JV finance. Never make an abrupt decision. Always compare the lenders available in the market, shortlist the promising ones and talk to them personally. Only the one who can satisfy your queries can offer the most suitable offer. A broker can always help you get the offer you deserve.

Are there any disadvantages of Joint venture finance funding?

It will not be appropriate to use the work disadvantage for finance for joint venture in the UK. Yes, depending on the requirements of varied businesses, a few aspects can be challenging. These are restricted flexibility, a lot of requirements of planning and risk of obstructions in the project. If the progress of a project gets hampered, the money flow will stop from the lender's side.

Can I get Joint venture finance options despite poor credit?

Definitely, you can get funds despite a poor business credit score. All the funding in Joint venture development finance happens for the new project. If your new project is financially promising and profitable, funding is possible. Your recent 6-month financial records must be showing some improvement in your credit score.