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Catch the progress with limited company business loans

Limited companies have multiple funding options, including business loans for Limited Company. This loan option is quite popular in the UK as it allows unsecured funds to be borrowed. However, a borrower can also choose to pledge an asset if he wants to borrow a larger amount for a longer tenure. The loan procedures are speedy and money deposit happens in a time as short as 24 hours. The funds can be used for multiple purposes, which means, there is no restriction on the use of the money.

Due to abundance of loan options, borrowers may end up taking any random loan deal. TheBusinessFunds is a business finance broker that owns a vast panel of lenders selling LTD company loans. We will understand your business goals and will send a list of finance companies most relevant to your requirements. Our experts know which lender gives the best rates and repayments for your specific needs on unsecured loans.

Let us talk over a call, or you can leave a query, and we will contact you. Click here and let’s find a business loan for a Limited Company for you.

What is a limited company?

A limited company is private company limited by shared. It has shareholders (no specific number) with a share or ownership in the business. Such a company should be registered with the Companies House as a Ltd. Company.

What is a limited company business loan?

A limited company business loan is a funding option available for private limited companies. You can also search it as the business loans for limited companies. The loans are available as unsecured as well as secured loans. The loan amount can span from £5000 to £500,000 and tenure is 3 months to 60 months. Numberless finance companies offer limited company loans.

According to data, more than 45% of corporate businesses are registered as the limited companies.

Features of limited company business loans -

  • Instant approval is available with a fund deposit in 24 hours.
  • Rate of interest starts from 0.9% per month
  • Interest is charged on reducing balance not only the loan amount
  • No early repayment penalties and no hidden fee
  • Top-ups and repayment holidays are available

All the lenders registered on our panel offer business loans with the abovementioned features. If you are looking forward to getting a limited company business loan through a broker to obtain funds, reach to us. We will find the best lenders, you choose one and soon you will see the money in your account.

What are the advantages of Ltd company business loans?

Several benefits come with business loans. These have short-term and long-term business loans benefits because any funding helps your business in both ways. You will be happy to know the advantages of the Business Finance for Pvt. Limited Company. Read below, as you will exploit all the benefits once you receive funds.

  • Improve cash flow - The loans act as a convenient source of funds. Working capital and daily cash flow needs are recurring. Relying on limited company loans will be one of the best decisions. It is obvious how important a smooth cash flow for a business can be.

  • Fuel for growth - Yes, exactly. When you need vital funds to take the next level, it helps further growth. Limited company business finance can also be used as growth capital loans. It has diverse roles with no restriction on how you use the funds.

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  • Flexible conditions and repayment policies - of course, all unsecured loans always offer flexibility in rates and repayments. Every loan offer is unique because it is customised completely according to the business conditions of a borrower.

  • Dependably instant - In the last-minute needs of funds, one can only choose an option that never disappoints. You can trust these loans to save you when no other help is available. Whether it’s a last-minute need or the common daily working capital needs apply now and get funds.

Eligibility for limited company business loans

As a business loan for a limited company is available instantly and without collateral, not much is required to be eligible for short-term business loans. However, to check the repayment capacity of the borrowers, it is inevitable to make them cross several checks. Based on the lenders we deal with daily. We have gathered the basic requirements of the eligibility criteria. Read below to learn what makes you and your business able to get a limited company loan.

  • Your business should be registered with the Companies house as a limited company
  • Business trading history should not be less than 6 months. It is the minimum requirement
  • The monthly minimum turnover should be £5,000
  • For non-homeowners, the available loan amount is a minimum of £20,000 and a maximum of £50,000
  • Credit history should be sound
  • For poor credit applicants, improvement in recent business finances is vital

The above-mentioned points are the essential criteria for the business loan for a private Limited Company. Still, depending upon the policies of varied lenders we will shortlist for you, there can be a difference. Let us know your requirements. It helps us find precisely personalised loan deals. Surprise us with a call before we ask what you are waiting for. Contact us now and our experts will help you get a fund deposit in a short time.

How much does a limited company business loan cost?

Regarding the cost, we can tell you the minimum interest rate is 0.9%, and the rest depends on your eligibility. It is generally the same in the case of all the finance companies. Also, we find you the lenders with no hidden fee. In fact, you can make bigger repayments than instalments to pay off your loan early without any early repayment fee or penalty.

As your business finance broker, we can also bargain with the lender on the overall cost of business loan for a limited company. We aim first to know your business well, which certainly does not take time. One call with the necessary questions should be fine.

The loan options will be unique due to customisation. Your repayment capacity, business trading history, credit score, and current obligations are all important. A quick review of the overall business circumstances will surely get you a great deal. It is essential to be transparent as much as possible because every single factor affects the cost of the loan. Want to know the cost of your limited company loan?

Use our business loan calculator to know the monthly instalments and overall cost. If your priority is to know about the loan product, then call us, and we will clear all your doubts.

Why choose TheBusinessFunds?

Let us help you explore the reasons why you can choose us for the limited company business loans in the UK. You can talk to us over a call to get confirmation about your decision. We want our customers to be about what they are choosing.

  • Transparency and trustworthiness - We are not biased toward any lender and transparently present all the options. We work with almost every industry, whether retail, agriculture, hospitality or manufacturing. We know trustworthiness does not happen without transparency. Let us be rational; we can get customers by staying loyal to the borrowers, not anyone else.
  • Wide range of financial options - Our panel of finance companies is extremely wide. All the renowned business finance lenders, whether bridging loans or working capital loans for limited companies, are connected to us. Let us work together and find a great one for your funding needs.
  • We streamline the application process - Once you choose the lender from our suggested ones, we will complete the loan process. We know that business owners have numerous things to do. You concentrate on your business activities while we take care of the loan process.
  • Guaranteed to save time and money - We will find the lender for you, bargain on rates and policies, and streamline the loan process. This is how our team saves your priceless time and precious money. Don’t hesitate to express all your doubts.


How does TheBusinessFunds help businesses find the best limited company business loan?

As brokers, we find the best for you only through comparison. Such a process, too, demands insight and knowledge. Following are the steps we follow.

  • We listen to your needs
  • Shortlist relevant lenders from our panel
  • Send you the shortlisted ones
  • You will choose one with your expectations on rates and repayments (if any)
  • We bargain with the finance company on your behalf.
  • Help you and the lender find a mutual ground
  • Assists you throughout the loan process until you get the deposit.

You should know that all this process takes place online to help you borrow funds conveniently. Use our business loan calculator for interest rate comparisons of varied lenders. If you have any questions, connect with our support team anytime.

Can an individual obtain a limited company loan?

Yes, sometimes a director of a company borrows funds through the Limited Company Business Loans. But that is obtained in the form of a director’s loan. However, in this case, a person must maintain the proper record in the director’s loan account. Do you want such a loan? We help you pick the right option. Let us know your requirements, and we will contact the lenders providing funds for an individual through a limited loan company. Call now.

Can I use Ltd company loans to purchase equipment?

Of course, you can. The limited company loans never restrict you from the use of funds. It has two types: unsecured loans and secured loans. In the case of the latter, your fund use is already decided, as the equipment will be pledged as collateral. But even if you take unsecured business loans in the UK through your private limited company, buying equipment is fine. Do you want to try the best deals available in the loan market? Let us compare some of the best ones for you.

How long it takes to borrow funds through small business loans?

It takes no time to borrow money. The funds can be transferred to your account in just 24 hours, considering the financial condition of your business. The limited company loans are designed to serve instant needs. If a borrower qualifies on all conditions included in the eligibility criterion, nothing can stop you from getting funds in just one day. The lenders can deposit funds in a few hours to financially strong borrowers.

Can I get limited loan company for bad credit?

Yes, you can, but only after providing ample proof of an improved repayment capacity. Have you been paying other obligations on time for at least the last three months? If yes, you can get a loan. However, the loan amount may be smaller. Also, if it seems that the business is having a great future and a poor credit score resulted from a bumpy road in the past, fund approval is possible. You will never get a NO in answer just due to a poor credit score. Many other factors are there to help you.