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Dental Equipment Financing - Solutions for Best Dental Practice

The technological advancement in the dental industry is indeed noteworthy. Being a dental practitioner, you face the constant pressure to be ahead of your competitor. However, purchasing new equipment now and then can impact your working capital. Think otherwise and invest in dental equipment financing options.

It is not significant whether you are new or experienced in this dental profession. TheBusinessFunds are ready to help you out. As experienced business finance brokers, we understand the pros and cons associated with financing options. While we source the best finance deal, you can continue attending to patients.

We have set connections with reliable dental finance companies in the UK. Therefore, there is no need of settling any random finance offer. You can cash in our knowledge to identify the best finance structure that confirms reasonable dental equipment financing rates.

This type of asset finance lets you purchase new and used equipment for the dental clinic. Get hold of the required dentist tools to stay ahead. Forget about paying upfront for the equipment cost, as you can quickly spread the cost.

Dental Equipment Lab Finance

You can procure funds in and around the UK. Our services are attainable for anyone from any location related to the dental industry. Nevertheless, our brokerage services for dental equipment finance are actively available in these provinces:

East London
Box hill
Mount Waverley

What is dental equipment finance?

As a dentist, you might realise the need for the upgradation of the place where you practice. It might require you to purchase new equipment to replace the older ones. You can get these dental tools without any cash outlay by opting for suitable financing.

You need not have to pay the money at one time. Such an arrangement lets you break down the payment into a monthly pattern. It is affordable to expand your dental practice without extracting a big chunk from the working capital as suitable deals at attractive dental equipment finance rates are at your disposal.

Our services came into existence to help you pick a legit offer from a reliable lender. You can get in touch with one dental finance company or more through us. Instead of wasting time on a random search, you can rely on our network of lenders.

This practical funding solution enables you to get a wide variety of equipment for your dental laboratory without worrying about the cost. Use dental equipment financing for the purchase of different instruments like:

Dental operatory lights
Dental chairs
X-Ray equipment
Equipment cabinets
Cerec Machines
Practice management systems
Dental instruments
Dental tools
Dental Suction Systems
UV Lights
Tooth Whitening systems
Monitor and IT equipment
Dental Practice Furniture

Benefits of Dental Equipment Financing

Selection of the right financial solution lets you reap the benefits of the technology for the betterment of your dental practice. Such initiatives are pivotal from a growth perspective. You can easily shortlist the most cost-effective offer by comparing different proposals.

Explore dental equipment financing options in the UK by reviewing different offers with us. Take advantage of financing in different ways like:

Steer clear initial and outright expense: Purchase of new dental instruments will not cause a dent in the cash flow. The finance providers will take care of the purchase payment, thereby helping you take a step towards growth. Now, you can add equipment to your clinic without making an initial payment.

Get what you want: At times, you consider compromising on the quality of the equipment due to a restricted budget. Financing facilitates purchasing the best equipment for your dental lab. It will ultimately help you treat patients in the best way.

Working capital remains untouched: With guaranteed access to dental financing, you need not have to disturb the business cash reserve. You can use the funding to buy equipment while completing the day-to-day operations with working capital.

Enjoy tax benefits: You will be happy to know that a few finance solutions come with exclusive perks accessible in tax benefits. You can claim benefits or allowances by opting for it.

Fetch fast return: When you use capital, you cannot expect a quick return. Nevertheless, it is doable when you choose the financing to get revenue-generating dental instruments.

Unbeatable interest charges: The best thing about filtering finance deals with us is you can avail of dental equipment finance at economical rates. Every offer will be before your eyes. You can easily compare rates and select the ideal offer.

You can even fetch finance to arrange for dental implant placement services. Shop around with us for the most budget-friendly finance package.

Settling up your dental practice with the right financing

Dental equipment financing has vast scope for the concerned businesses. For instance, many individuals seek the right and relevant business loans for dental practice. As the specialist, we find out the same by exploring the UK lending market. However, before that, we would like to give you some suggestions so you can walk around in the right direction.

Arranging adequate capital is vital to boost your earning as an owner-practitioner. You must not have enough savings to cover up the upfront costs, but there are TWO ways available in the market which we are making you familiar with.

  • Prepare a plan

    The first step is to make a proper business plan before going ahead. It should mention your objectives, ways to achieve them, and the time to be taken. It will assist you a lot in getting the best financing. Evaluate the possibilities in the market and consider fitting your practice in it.

    Moreover, your plan should also have the location, specialisation and strength of your team. Generally, dental practice costs around £100,000 to £500,000, involving design, fitting and equipment.

  • Exploring Financing Options

    Various financing options are available for your dental practice based on your business plans, financial situation and personal ambitions. Here are the financial routes in which you can choose the most appropriate one:

Business loans: You can think of applying for a business loan to satisfy the desire for dental practice finance. However, lenders will look for certain things before granting you a loan. For instance, how much amount you want to borrow, how will you make the repayments, what your business goals are, and your credit history? Finding the right lender is not going to be tough for you, as we are here to do this with perfection (perhaps in a better way).

Personal savings: It can be an option only if you keep ample savings to finance your dental practice. It puts a positive impression on the investors that you can support yourself in settling your dental practice. Nevertheless, the costs of dental clinics are very much high and covering them with savings may not be possible. Therefore, we suggest you to go for unsecured business loans to arrange money for the initial investment of your dental practice.

How does dental equipment financing work

This type of funding solution works differently depending on the type of finance product you opt for. The standard working procedure revolves around receiving a set amount of funding for the purchase of the dental equipment and repayment of the money along with interest. The primary step is to shortlist the funding type from among the collection.

Hire purchase

You will have to pay for the equipment over time and in the form of instalments. Interest rates will be set in advance. You will have information regarding the amount to pay and the term.

The company balance sheet will include the asset, bear maintenance and other repair costs while you own it.


The finance company will purchase the equipment in the name of your business. Then, they will lease them to you based on a monthly rate.

With a perfect leasing deal, you will not even have to bear the burden of unexpected additional outlays like maintenance.

Finance lease

It is an intermediate option between the first two options. The length of the lease agreement will extend here.

It will reflect on the balance sheet of the finance company, thereby letting you take advantage of tax allowances.

You can begin the process of applying for finances once you have the equipment invoice with you. After successful approval of finances, the vendor will receive money from the loan provider, and you will meet the amount mentioned in the invoice. Meanwhile, if you repay the loan debt, you cannot be the owner as the lien of the equipment will remain the lender.

The vendor shall start the equipment installation once the money is received. You must clear the loan payments to become the owner. Review the different lending options for dental equipment financing with us.

Dental Equipment finance rates - Explained

This financing option is relevant not just to obtain funds for equipment purchase but also to cover the evolving needs of various tools in your dental practice. The price always remains a crucial concern because you will be responsible for paying everything back at the end of the day.

Here, you can look at some of the various cost aspects lenders can consider when lending you money.

  • Fixed rate of interest - It will remain the same throughout the duration of the finance agreement. It will usually fall within the range of 4% to 8% or above under the influence of a few factors concerning lending.
  • Variable interest rates - The starting rate might be 2% to 3% higher than fixed rates but will increase with time. This is just an instance, as the actual dental equipment finance rates can only be known from the loan provider. They vary depending on the market conditions.
  • Promotional or introductory rates - You might often come across these rates when you see an ad for this financing option. The price in such cases remains relatively low to drive borrowers like you to get financial aid. These introductory rates might change when the actual proposal happens.
  • Tiered rates - You are facing tiered interest rates when the rates reduce with the loan amount increase. It means you can get a manageable interest rate by opting for a comparatively large amount of financing.
  • Lease rates - It applies when you are leasing equipment over purchasing. Lease rates do not work as the conventional loan rate. They represent a monthly percentage calculated from the price of the equipment.

Dental Equipment Financing vs. Leasing

Both options include some perks and pitfalls. You have to figure out which would suit your dental practice business best. Acknowledge if you require the equipment for an exact duration or a lifetime.

In addition, the budget plays a vital role in the decision-making process. We have cut short the hard work by letting you go through the various features of these types of funding.

Financing Leasing
Getting full coverage is possible. Easy to prove eligibility.
Builds equity meanwhile, you repay. Applicable for equipment replacement purposes.
Offer tax benefits. Requires less commitment from your end.
Lets you become the owner of the equipment. Demands low monthly payment from you.
Borrow more at a low price. You cannot become the owner of the equipment.
The equipment can become useless before the completion of repayment. The final payment may be higher than the actual loan price.
You have to worry about the depreciating value of the asset. Some of the deals might restrict usage.

Why choose us?

Our work demands a thorough knowledge of the finance market. It has led us to expand our network of lenders. We will act as a platform that you can use to validate offers and select the finance provider

TheBusinessFunds, your own business finance broker, lets you enjoy additional perks of exclusive features like:

Our market-reach:

We have been managing different fund requirements of dentists like you for a long time. It has enabled us to outgrow our reach with time.


We work out solutions according to the problem of the borrower. We never recommend a generalised solution for every purpose.


Years of experience:

Experience comes with time and the number of problems we solve. We are still learning. However, we have gained some amount of expertise by being able to spend time in this industry.

Bespoke solutions:

Your requirements are our first concern. We will contact lenders by keeping it in mind. It helps us direct you to a personalised offer.

Urge to upgrade:

We always believe in upskilling. It ensures that we can serve your business in the best possible way.


Can I get dental financing with no credit check?

If you do not want to disclose the credit scores of your dental business, you must look for lenders who can offer such flexibility. With us, it will not be a difficult task to find such type of finance providers. Look closely before making sure which offer can fulfil your requirements.

How to apply for finance?

Practice a few steps to send your request. These are:

  • Confirm if this equipment is right for you
  • Collect required documents
  • Search for lenders
  • Send request
  • Receive quote
  • Accept agreement
  • Get access to funds
Is it hard to get finance for dental equipment?

Actually, it is relatively easy compared to traditional lending sources. In fact, it will be less straining for you to get finance for the equipment. It entirely depends on the lender who will work with you. Borrowing will be easy since conditions are flexible.

What risks come up with this type of financing?

You must refer to the risks attached to dental financing. These are:

  • Owning is out of the question if you don’t complete the payment.
  • The final amount might be more than the original price.
  • Issues related to asset value depreciation cannot be ignored.
Am I eligible to apply for this type of funding?

To be able to qualify, you must confirm a few things:

  • Register your dental practice as a Limited Liability Company.
  • Provide applicable documents to prove how long you are practising.
  • Share a well-defined business plan so that lenders can understand your purpose.
Can only established practices access dental financing?

No, it is not just for established practices. Dental equipment finance is also available for new practices and start-ups. Whether you are just starting or have been practising for a while, funding options cater to your needs. Lenders understand that everyone's situation differs and ponder aspects beyond credit history. Thus, if you are setting up a new dental practice, don't worry. You can still access funding for the essential tools to deliver eminence patient care.

Click here to read in detail how to plan for a dental start-up.

Does dental equipment financing cover software and tech upgrades for my practice?

You can finance software and technology for your dental procedure. This includes digital records systems, scheduling software etc. Dental equipment financing helps you spread the cost over time, making it easier for your budget. Like with tools, you will work with a moneylender to set up a plan that fits your desires. This way, you can stay up-to-date with the latest tools to provide top-notch patient care without a significant upfront expense.

Is dental practice loan customisation possible, as patient treatment plans?

Like creating tailored treatment plans for patients, we allow you to customise your dental practice loan to suit your necessities better. You can work with us to check the loan amount, repayment terms, and other aspects that match your practice's unique situation. Discussing your goals and financing condition with our team will help design a loan that aligns with your industry's goals, like how you tailor treatment plans to fit each patient's oral health requirements.

Can new dental graduates get loans despite lacking experience?

Securing a dental loan as a recent dental school graduate is possible. However, limited professional knowledge might be a factor. Still, many moneylenders consider your professional plan, credit history, and growth potential. With the proper demonstration of your dedication, outlining a solid plan, and showcasing your education, it is simple to get our deals by building confidence. Explaining how the loan will enhance your dental practices and outlining any mentors or advisors supporting you can also strengthen your loan request.

Do business loans for dental practices support my clinic renovation?

This funding source can also be utilised to renovate your dental clinic. A business loan can support you to deliver the best dental practices by upgrading your clinic with modern tools. You can also use this loan to update the waiting area and treatment rooms or add new expertise. This helps create a better environment and improves patient experiences. Make sure to work out a plan that fits your budget and goals. With this, you will be able to transform your clinic into a more welcoming and efficient space with the help of the loan.