Commercial property finance

Strengthen the business finance with commercial property

  • Budget-friendly rates
  • Capital amplifies with property value
  • Renting out is possible
  • Hassle-free comparing
  • Freedom to fix the borrowing limit

Acquire finance for business against commercial property

Do you need additional funding for a commercial real estate project? Maybe, you wish to purchase a new premise, or you want to improve the appearance of the existing property. It will demand significant investment that you can meet by reaching out for commercial property development finance.

This financing option is a problem solver for businesses that lack enough cash reserves. TheBusinessFunds will help you take this step in a pocket-friendly way. We will let you compare different types of offers from diverse commercial property finance companies. Such asset-based funding makes the release of finances at different stages of development.

The finance provider might be concerned about assessing the site before making any decision. With us, comparing for better commercial property loan rates is not a nerve-wracking endeavour. Things that emphasise why you must look out for this funding are:

  • Liberty to use the same property as security
  • Possibility to Borrow up to 75% of the property’s value
  • Firm grip on the business balance sheet
  • Allows business expansion at any stage
  • Improve focus on your business goals
Commercial Property Finance

Commercial property finance: what is it exactly?

This funding solution is a practical arrangement to remodel or buy a commercial property. Based on the requirement, you can ask the lender to provide short-term funding for renovation or long-term funding to get a new property. We are at your service to help you bag the perfect deal.

Financing based on the commercial property calls for 20% to 40% of the buying price as a deposit. It is greater than what deposit you will put in the case of residential property. However, we keep your convenience as our top priority. It is evident from the network of reliable lenders we have to help you fetch the best commercial property loan interest rates.

In commercial development projects, you will need financing to meet the purchase price and to sponsor the building cost. Getting 100% loan to value might be possible provided you will secure assets against loans. This could be any tools or equipment, i.e. used in the business. With the help of your business plan, you can even make it to get above 60% of the building expenses.

You can approach any lender based on your business objectives and circumstances. It does not matter if you are a small company, provided you have an established business to take advantage of commercial property development finance.

We let you not just realise the potential of commercial property but also help you achieve your business goals with the help of it. This financing option which is like a commercial property loan helps cover the renovation work or purchase needs of different types of commercial premises:

Offices Retail outlets Factories or industrial units
Your business team is growing, and you need a proper office. You can own an office or a co-working space with this funding. If you want to explore new business opportunities in the retail sector, scoping out this funding is an excellent option. This financial solution makes it easy for you to acquire or develop a small industry as property.
Restaurants and cafes Land development Portfolio investment property
A lot of innovation is happening inside the restaurant market. If you are interested in trying out new avenues of income by opening a café, finance your commercial property right away. We work with potential lenders to map out the best offer. It lets you take part in the most exciting land development projects without any second thought. No need to worry about rental properties, which you can leverage in getting a loan out of the consolidated cost.

Which commercial property finance option is considered the best?

With your business expanding daily, you will need to take possession of a commercial property. It will give you access to different areas like offices, warehouses, stores and even factories. Apart from giving you peace of mind and a feeling of being safe, it also gifts wraps a bunch of financial perks for you.

Our job as commercial financial property brokers concerns finding the best and right lender to materialise this dream of yours. Meeting different lenders will introduce different funding opportunities to you. Some of them are:

Commercial Mortgages

Mortgages can be a lucrative financial product. Utilising it for diverse forms of business objectives will make sense. Here, you will receive a legal charge over the commercial property. However, you are free to invest the money in any way to grow your business.

It also opens the door to refinancing opportunities leading to low-interest commercial property loan rates and flexible monthly payments. There are three types of commercial mortgages available for you:

  • Owner-occupied commercial mortgage
  • Commercial investment property mortgage
  • Property portfolio loan

Development Funding

If you want to sell the commercial property, some development work is urgently necessary. It will call for an investment you can easily manage with development finance. This funding intends to cover any development-related costs that you may incur.

You can have this short-term financing option with a lot more flexibility. Covering construction costs is like a cakewalk with this funding. Investing in a new property or converting the existing property becomes smooth when you get access to any of these types of finances like:

  • Regulated Development Finance
  • Mezzanine Development Finance

Bridging Finance

It has a resemblance to mortgages. You can obtain bridging finance with commercial property to gather capital for the business. The process is swifter in the case of this loan, unlike traditional mortgages.

The business property will prove your suitability for getting financial help from lenders whom we will contact for you. This option is popularly used catering finance to the auction. It is not restricted to this only. You can opt for them when considering a property with little or significant renovation needs.

An exit strategy is a unique thing about these loans. It is a compulsory addition by the finance provider for anyone looking for commercial property development finance within the UK. Some of its exclusive features of it are:

  • Freedom to keep funds till project completion
  • Repayment is easy with instalments
  • The chances of a final settlement are wide

**Can you consider business loans instead of this type of financing? The loan amount might be available up to a limited extent. The purchase or renovation of a commercial project demands a considerable amount of loan, which can easily be personalised with the help of funding.**

What to do after raising finance for commercial property?

It is easy to spot a variety of assets inside a commercial property. This diversifies the possibilities of obtaining different types of financial benefits. However, being a business owner, you might need help to decide on how to use these assets to acquire the best financial instrument for your business need.

We can step in here to help you out. We will introduce you to a panel of reputable commercial property finance companies with the expertise to provide you with the best financial support. The different ways you can make the most out of this finance product are:

Expansion of business: You can shift your business to larger premises without worrying about funds requirements. Fulfil the necessity with this financing alternative and expand it to have more production.

Refurbishment of factory premises: Extending the office or factory space is no longer impossible for you. These loans can serve any refurbishment purpose without any hitches.

Clearing off business debts: You might need to take out debts to run various business operations. With time, debts can take a fatal shape. Keep them under control by using this effective financial solution.

Withdraw cash for remortgage: Maybe, you are not able to free up cash that is involved in the property. Avail this funding to achieve this objective through remortgaging.

finance for commercial property

Minimise the cost of borrowing: This financial product is a less costly option than personal loans or other business loans that you can use in limited ways. With it, you can unlock funding at feasible commercial property loan interest rates. Of course, we are here to bring the less costly deals from the best lenders available.

How to get finance for commercial property?

If you want our advice, we suggest you shop for the best offers before finalising anything. Do not worry by thinking about how it can happen to you! We are here to make this process easy and super fast.

Use us as a connecting platform between you and lenders. We look forward to downsizing your search struggle. The entire process will need you to complete some streamlined steps like:

  • Fill up an online form – A one or two-page application needs to be completed with valid details. Based on it, we will be able to fetch different types of finance deals for you.
  • Receive quotes from finance providers – We will share your requirements within our lending network. You will get responses from different lenders, along with a free finance proposal.
  • Draw a comparison to find the most fitted loan offer – It is well and good if you can fetch a number of offers. Because you can review and analyse each offer carefully until the most suitable one appears before your eyes.
  • Experiencing a few checks- The loan provider you might choose will conduct a few assessments. As you can expect flexible conditions, no strict requirements will be there for you.
  • Fetch the agreement and review – The finance provider will finally send you the loan fine print based on your response. Scrutiny it properly ahead of giving your consent.
  • Sign it if you want to agree- Sign the dotted lines if you think the lending terms and conditions are aligned with the financial condition of your business.
  • Obtain money directly in your account – After final approval, the loan money will be credited online to your checking account. You can take them out and utilise them for the relevant purpose.

What are commercial property finance rates?

Being ethical brokers, we like to follow fair practices. Our prime concern is informing you about rates that differ from lender to lender. You can approach us to find the most affordable commercial property loan deal.

Be in an advantageous position by comparing the different forms of fees like:

Arrangement fees: These will show up in the loan amount once the loan term ends. It ranges between 1% and 2% of the amount you will take out.

Valuation fees: The lender will charge it based on their valuation report. The lower limit of these fees would start from £ 500.

Legal fees: Legal intervention happens while transacting for a property. A separate fee will be levied for this reason.

As far as broker fees are concerned, you will not have to bother about them. Whatever we will get is from the lender and in the form of a commission.

Why should you approach thebusinessfunds?

Our speciality as finance brokers is to bridge the gap between you and lenders. We have an organised structure in place to assist you in comparing loan deals of different lenders. We will not arrange finance for you.

On the other hand, we will allow you to take advantage of our other features like:

Our understanding of the market: We have worked in and around the finance market for years. We have updated knowledge that you can utilise for your own sake.

Interface to meet lenders: We have brought together lenders who can assist you with your financial requirements. In short, you will get everything in one place because of us.

Round-the-clock presence: Our operations are dependent on the online interface. For this reason, there is no time constraint for you to want to get in touch with us.

Assistance for any query: We will always return you full-handed. We will put every effort into finding the best lender match for you.

The minimalism of the process: We do not include complicated steps that would eat away a lot of time. You can send a request through us by completing a few steps.


What are the pros and cons of getting finance for commercial property?

It is a good practice to assess the pros and cons of funding options before finalising. You can find it right here.

Advantages Disadvantages
This financial solution carries a low rate of interest than other unsecured alternatives. It needs a substantial amount of deposit.
You can enjoy capital gain after purchasing a new property Property maintenance is a huge task. You must keep money ready for this purpose.
An extended repayment plan allows businesses to take care of payment and other business goals side by side. The process takes time to complete.
It offers more flexibility to the borrower It comes with different types of fees.
You can take out a large amount of finance. Monthly payments might increase while capital might go down.
How long does it take to procure funding?

The time duration will vary depending on the option you will choose. When you opt for a short-term solution, the processing time is not too much. On the other hand, the long-term option might take some more time to pass the processing stage.

What type of security would this financing need?

Here, a cash deposit is the main form of security that the finance provider accepts. Suppose you do not have a sufficient cash reserve to provide for a deposit. In that case, you can showcase the commercial property as security, provided it should have enough value as equity.

What kind of businesses can qualify for this funding?

It is available for all types of limited companies. Sole-traders should not apply here. One must validate the eligibility criteria set by lenders. It will be different for different lenders. Complying with the criteria is critical.

How do commercial mortgages differ from bridging loans?

The biggest difference between the two is that bridging loans are short-term financing, while mortgages are long-term financing. Cost savings will be huge when you opt for mortgages. Here, you can easily spot the price difference between the two.