Scale up with unsecured business loans

  • Collateral-free funding
  • Easy comparing
  • Loans fit for any business use
  • Wide borrowing limit
  • Speedy processing

Safeguard assets with unsecured business loans

Does your business need additional financial support for growth? It is a constant process and as the owner, you must keep a tab on the cash flow. The problem kicks in when you do not have the required money. Nevertheless, you can meet the expansion requirement with unsecured business finance loans.

TheBusinessFunds acknowledges that businesses need to take out debts at some point. Therefore, our motto is to offer them an opportunity to approach a suitable lender. We set a connection between businesses seeking financial help and loan providers.

Why should you obtain unsecured business loans in the UK? It facilitates you to avail of collateral-free funding. You can leverage it if you cannot afford to fetch secured financing.

As a business owner, you can seek financial support from traditional lenders. However, it will not be as convenient as with online lenders. We are ready to help you compare unsecured business loans without any hitches.

We take care of the following responsibilities:

  • Give you better access to suitable loan offers
  • Introduce you to lenders offering affordable rates
  • Help you conduct a comparative study
  • Search for flexible repayment plans
  • Offer an easy interface to search for unsecured funds

We don’t restrict our offerings to limited businesses. You can reach out to us if you represent any form of business. Furthermore, there is no time restraint when it comes to contacting us.

What are unsecured loans for business?

Unsecured small business loans means collateral-free funding to sponsor various financial needs of a business. Therefore, you can avoid putting your assets at risk. It eliminates the possibility of losing any business possession at any cost and in the event of non-payment.

These loans are a convenient funding source for small businesses that lack assets to put against the loan amount. Getting access to funds can take hours. Fast processing from our end ensures easy obtaining of funds.

These loans offer a financial solution to different types of businesses. You can search for unsecured business loans online through us. We work with a panel of lenders who will assess the financial record, cash-flow prediction and credit scores of your business.

You can use our comparative services to look for unsecured business loans that require no personal guarantee. You will see a different loan range and repayment terms from other lenders. On average, you can obtain financial help from £5000 to £250000 with a repayment that stretches between a few months to many years.

Please note that the annual revenue, credit history and ongoing financial stature of the business will impact the range you will see for unsecured business acquisition loans. All you need is to share your concerns with us. We will guide you to find the right loan provider.

secured business loans

How Secured and Unsecured Business Loans in the UK Differ?

Assets such as equipment, home, inventory etc. are not essential for unsecured business loans. To pacify the risk effect of lending, the loan provider will upgrade interest rates. For this reason, unsecured loans are expensive with higher rates of interest.

On the other hand, assets-backed secured loans are less unsafe for lenders. For this reason, the loan rates are not as high as the unsecured funding you get for commercial usage. The repayment assurance has lowered the rate of interest.

Late repayment will not result in loss of possession even when you apply for short-term unsecured business loans in the UK. You must expect a different thing in the case of secured loans.

As a reliable broker in the UK, we want to clear doubts regarding the fundamental difference between these two types of funding. The below representation can help you to get a deeper understanding.

secured vs unsecured business loans
Secured business loans Unsecured business loans
Huge paperwork is involved in getting these loans, as assets are integral. You can avail of unsecured business funding as a small business loan with the least paperwork
Enjoy a long repayment facility but by paying more interest Facilitates flexible repayment till a shorter duration
Fetch these loans based on the value of the property Loans are offered to validate the affordability of the business owner who will apply for loans
Available in a comparatively larger amount Borrow a loan from within a specified range.However, it depends upon unsecured business loan lenders.
Obtaining these loans will be a time taking process Getting these loans does not include hefty steps and thus will take little time.

Approach us to fetch our assistance in sorting out the best lender offering this collateral-free financing.

What Advantages to Get with Unsecured Small Business Loans?

It does not matter what the size of your business is. Obtaining small business loans in an unsecured way is the best you can wish to get for your business. Safeguarding the assets owned by your company is the biggest perk of getting these loans.

Make sure whether these loans will suffice the commercial requirement or not. Analysing the advantages is an ideal way to validate your decision about getting unsecured funding for your enterprise. Find how you can reap the benefits of unsecured business loans by evaluating the below points:

Unsecured Small Business Loans

Flexible qualifying conditions

Your business is free from fulfilling the obligation of assets. In addition, your enterprise will be eligible to apply for unsecured business loans in the UK by satisfying the following perquisites:

  • It should be a limited or LLP (limited liability partnership)
  • Your enterprise should be registered in the UK
  • It should produce half of its income from trading operations
  • Your company should have a minimum turnover of £20000
  • Your business should be at least 6 months old

Least documentation

The fast application for unsecured business loans will save you time and effort. Lenders working with us require less paperwork. It differentiates our operations from the traditional approach.

TheBusinessFunds like to maintain clear communications between lenders and businesses. Whatever the lender will need as additional documents, we will pass on the messages as soon as possible. You will also receive a quick reply for unsecured business loans.

No restraint for less-than-perfect credit stature

We know how you feel hesitant to apply for loans with tarnished credit background of your business. We introduce you to our network of lenders ready to offer unsecured loans irrespective of business credit scores.

It is a massive relief, as the credit scores of your business will not reveal. You can opt for these loans even if your company struggles with unfavourable scores.

Expedient repayment plan

The repayment tenure is an extended one. It allows your business to repay loans without any compulsion. Flexibility does not mean you can delay repayment.

Delaying will harm your business credit score. You will get ample time to pay back if you smartly map out expenses for the business. Flexible repayment justifies how our lenders want to make repayment practically possible for you.

You must know late repayment will have implications that will be hard for you to manage.

Soft or No Credit Check Option

We work like a loan introducer and not a direct lender. There is no need for us to make confirmation about your credit background. Credit checks are mandatory when your application reaches the lender.

Our primary responsibility is to help you meet the right lender who can be soft on the credit assessment of businesses. We will review your requirements and forward them to potential lenders who can offer you unsecured business loans on no credit check or at least a softer one.

Is it risky to avail of business loans as unsecured money?

You must assess the risk before considering getting short-term loans for business as unsecured funds. Validating the setbacks will help you think rationally. You will know what could happen in the worst of scenarios.

Besides, you must recognise these drawbacks even if you take out unsecured business loans for the long term. Look at the below points to understand the risks of availing these loans.

Pricey rates: Due to non-involvement of the asset factor, lender considers raising the interest rates. Keep this aspect in mind when applying for unsecured financing for your enterprise. Shop around carefully to spot an offer that is pocket friendly for you.

Significance of affordability: Odds of getting a nod of approval from the lender depending on whether your business can repay the loan debt. Lenders will evaluate the annual or monthly turnover of the business. It is like an affordability check for the business. The lender will perform this to compensate for the asset exemption allowed to you.

Decide the limit to borrow: Since the lender relieves you from the collateral condition, they will also finalise the lending limit. On the other hand, you might need a large amount of unsecured loans according to your needs. As a result, you might feel uncomfortable borrowing the same amount.

In this situation, we can mediate between you and the lender. We will try to negotiate with the lender. Through discussion, we will convince the lender to offer an amount that should suffice your necessities.

Identifying the setbacks can help you prevent making a financial blunder. If you ignore it, this will take a little time to convert into a big problem.

What are the top uses of unsecured business loans?

Any business will need the constant support of finances. You can receive it in the form of funding from investors or personal savings, or income from the business. Despite all this, a cash shortage might surface out of the blue.

At times, your business will demand a thorough cash flow to beat the competition. The purpose of having extra money cannot be confined to some points. It should depend on the business owner managing the expenses so far.

The best thing about lenders we have partnered with is that they will not control how you should use loans. In this regard, you must know the top uses of unsecured business loans in the UK.

  • Maintaining day-to-day expenses

    You can utilise the loan money as working capital to manage cash flow. This way, these routine operations would not halt for any reason. Therefore, you can spend the money on inventory payments, also.

    Whatever exigencies you handle daily can be managed by getting suitable unsecured small business loans, especially when you are out of cash. As such, there will be no restraint on how you should spend this business funding. You are free to go ahead with some urgent repair work also.

  • Sponsoring new buys for the business

    Your enterprise might need to buy new assets, vehicles, plants, equipment etc. However, you currently need more money to cover these needs. Instead of focusing on the investor, you can opt for these loans to meet this necessity.

    An investor will look for a solid reason to invest in your business. Convincing them for new purchases might take time. However, unsecured business loan lenders do not require any clarification for the purpose. You can use the loan money to include new products in your business.

  • Expansion capital

    As a business owner, you might aspire to explore other markets. You can use unsecured loans to buy a business, also. In that case, your business will utilise the money to expand further.

    It helps handle the cost of overhead that comes along when your business grows. This rise in expenses is good if you are ready. However, it is okay when you are empty-handed as you can utilise these loans for this purpose.

  • Help women-run business

    Women entrepreneurs are working hard to leave an impression in the business industry. They need some extra support in the form of unsecured business loans for women to excel in their journey. They usually need an opportunity to accumulate adequate funds for business.

    It is this time when additional assistance will mean a lot. At least, a woman will not give up the business idea due to funds shortage. She can start something independently to show her business skills in the market.

  • Clearing off business debts

    Your business might go through a tough time due to existing debts. The best way to deal with this is by getting business consolidation loans as unsecured money. It is also the process of clubbing together debts to initiate a single payment.

    Debts are not beneficial for business growth. Since pending payments can quickly turn into debts, you must treat them at once by taking the help of collateral-free business funding.

How to compare unsecured business loan rates?

We encourage you to carry out a comparison before finalising a loan deal. This makes it easy for you to obtain affordable rates for loans. This step is crucial when you are looking forward to borrowing unsecured business loans for small business or a large enterprise.

When you meet different lenders, a different offer will come your way. You will need help to pick the right offer. We can help you if you can approach us.

Comparing helps you to pick up the points that have been outweighed. Therefore, we emphasise this point very much. There are steps you must follow to reach the right loan offer. These are:

  • Rounding out the application

    An online application comprising details like business type, bank details, tax records etc., needs to be completed first. We will share your online application with our loan providers.

  • Go through a few assessments

    Once receiving your request, each lender will conduct some affordability checks. These will be soft checks and leave no imprint on the business credit scores.

  • Calculating price

    Based on your application, the lender will create a loan offer. You will likely obtain more than one offer as a loan quote from lenders. You must use the unsecured business loans calculator to determine if the loan amount and repayment schedule suit you.

    Assess the loan quote carefully to understand the rate you will have to pay to receive unsecured business funding as small business loans.

Why choose thebusinessfunds?

We are a specialist in business loans, and unsecured business loans in the UK are our area of expertise. We work like an interface that joins the missing link between borrowers and lenders. Here, we are the middleman who will match your requirement with lenders.

We have cut short your task of loan hunting. Our main aim is to help you find unsecured business loans with no personal guarantee requirement in the UK. We take your request ahead and share it with our panel of lenders.

The reasons that should drive you towards us are stated below:

  • Possibility of getting suitable rates: Once we receive your application, we will share it within our network of unsecured business loan lenders. We will scan through different lenders to help you pick an offer with the most pocket-friendly rates.
  • Our market familiarity: As a borrower, you can use our market familiarity to find the ideal loan offer. You do not have to explore the market in detail with us.
  • Round-the-clock existence: As a dedicated broker, we like to be available anytime. You can contact us whenever you need to get your hands on a loan offer that quotes the best price.
  • No compulsion of surplus fees: We do not charge separate fees for our services. We will get a commission from the lender once your application gets accepted.
  • Compare in minutes: We have a proper structure to help you undergo comparative study without exertion. Our online tools will help you shop around for the best rates in no time.

For further assistance regarding loan proposals, you can seek the guidance of our loan specialists, who can help you complete the application.


Is it safe to apply for unsecured business loans?

Businesses can avoid placing security against the loan amount. Therefore, these loans do not put your assets at risk. However, you cannot deny that every loan holds some risks. Read the loan agreement to understand if it is safe to apply for these loans.

How much time will it take to process my loan application?

We work as a broker. Loan approval is not in our hands. We will just forward your application to unsecured business loan lenders who will process your application. If everything goes well with your application, it should not take much to decide.

What is the interest rate I have to pay for unsecured business loans?

We cannot confirm interest rates as we are brokers. The lender will send you a quote after reviewing your loan request. It means you need to share your requirements by completing the online application.

How can I avoid defaulting on my loan?

Extra charges will be levied if you default on the loan. It will harm your credit scores. Give up the idea of borrowing if you think you cannot repay on time. You can even approach the lender to find a way out of this problem.

Can any type of business apply for these loans?

You can get unsecured business loans in the UK as collateral-free money for any type of business like:

  • Ecommerce
  • Hospitality
  • Retailers
  • Manufacturing
  • Trades and Labour

The list is endless, as there are no restrictions regarding the nature of your business. Your business will face no restraint if it has already qualified.