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Transport and logistics business loans for up to 60 months

According to research, by 2027, the transport and logistics industry is expected to reach $12,975.64 billion. This progress is not difficult to accept. This industry is the backbone of not only billions of businesses but also of nations. The logistics and transport sector takes care of the production, storage, inventory management, delivery and distribution. These are the prime pillars of numberless businesses operating at national and international levels. This is why the need for consistent cash flow for the firms in logistics sector is very obvious.

With the help of transport and logistics business loans in the United Kingdom (UK), the firms in this sector can improve their productivity. To serve their B2B customers, they can ensure timely and safe availability of vehicles and product delivery. However, it is always a matter of concern to choose the loan option best suitable for a logistics company that can offer up to £500,000 for a maximum of 60 months.

The options are many and applying to individual lenders many times is a headache. You can understand this chaos if you run a business in this sector. It can be annoying to go through the application process for different lenders and wait for uncertain approval.

The ideal approach is to hire a loan broker. TheBusinessFunds is a UK-based logistics business loan broker. We can assist you in finding the appropriate deal with a panel of promising lenders. You need to fill in some of your details on our website, and we will shortlist transport and logistics finance options for you. Our experts will share a comprehensive list of lending companies. Take your time, compare the rates and repayment plans and let us know. Once you finalise a lender, we will process the loan for you. Let us know you better through a click here.


Why commercial finance for transport and logistics business?

Without any second thought, the logistics and transport industry has faced numerous challenges in recent years. The struggle that started from Brexit (of course, for good) continued with some issues presented by the pandemic. Challenges will surely come with growth opportunities from then to now and even in the future. This has made the firms seek funds and depend on a transport and logistics business loan broker.

Below are some common reasons that transport and logistics firms apply for a business loan.

  •  Driver Shortages

    According to the last data that is last year, the UK is facing a drop of 15% in driver availability. Also, before 2024 ends, the driver qualification card of half a million drivers will expire. The companies need to hire new drivers, and also they need to retrain the drivers with qualification cards about to expire.

    Loneliness and stress are among the prime reasons drivers leave their jobs. Also, there are few new applicants for the job. As a result, the logistics firms offer easy incentives to inspire drivers. All these situations demand more funds, which drives toward external help from companies and brokers providing commercial finance services for transport and logistics businesses.

  •  Sustainable practices are in demand

    Sustainable businesses that are friendly to the environment get more consumers nowadays. A thorough concern for eco-friendly practices makes logistics companies follow sustainable practices. They must consider alternative fuels, report their emissions, and replace fuel-efficient engines. All this indicated they need to invest in nature-friendly infrastructure. This can be expensive at first but a profitable option later. However, the companies contact a transport and logistics business finance broker to find affordable options. As market experts, we can filter the affordable lenders from the ocean of possibilities.

  •  Volatile fuel prices

    Global and national issues, seasonal changes, political controversies, and conflicts between oil and gas producers present many challenges. This drastically increases the fuel prices. This tells us that situations are never easy for logistics and transportation business owners. Uncertainty is the only specific companion in their business. They must depend on unsecured or secured business loans to keep pace with the circumstances. Yes, the companies keep their emergency funds, but a rise in fuel prices always demands more funds than one can expect.

The above are the most common challenges for the logistics sector businesses. But as you know, every industry has challenges, and ample loan options are available, especially for financial issues. At TheBusinessFunds, we give you access to the best lenders in the market. Your only role is to let us understand your business, and then we will find loan options for you. Whether it is truck finance or loans, or any other specialised finance option, we can find lenders from our panel.

What are the types of transport and logistics business loans?

For varied requirements, various types of logistic loans are available. Borrowing funds according to purpose allows you to get funds at a lower rate. The more relevant a loan product is, the easier the approval chances will be.

Invoice financing - Invoice financing is a popular loan type that allows a business to borrow funds against unpaid invoice bills. When the customers pay the bill, the money goes to the lender. It has some immediate benefits -

  • Improve cash flow
  • Lender does the invoice payment collection
  • Instant source of funds

Working capital loans - This is another reliable Transport and Logistics Finance option that logistics firms have used for decades. These loans are obtained to meet everyday business needs. The relevant benefits are -

  • Bridge the short-term financial gap
  • Among the higher approval loans
  • Flexible rates and repayment plans

Long-term business loans - As you can understand, the long-term finance options are for a longer tenure. When business owners need a bigger amount, these loans, such as truck finance, are the great options. The benefits are -

  • Borrow a big amount and repay in a long time
  • Avail funds at lower rates due to long tenure
  • Purchase equipment/assets useful for business growth

Unsecured business loans - These are short-term loans and do not need collateral like long-term loans. The businesses have many short-term funding requirements. An unsecured loan is always a dependable source for them. The benefits are -

  • Flexibility to choose loan tenure
  • Easy access to all credit score businesses
  • No fear of losing any asset

How do we help you get transport and logistics business loans?

We understand the meaning of trust you show in us. As a logistics loan broker, we do everything to ease your journey as a borrower. We find the best transport and logistics business loan options for your commercial needs in the following ways. Your transparency to our team of experts helps us find the right lending solution.

  • Market leading rates - Of course, all our hard work is to provide you with the best interest rates on logistics loans. We have logic behind why and how we can provide market-leading rates. Our customer support team first understands your present and future funding requirements. Accordingly, they find lenders with suitable rates and repayments. We also try to find options that can be useful for your future funding needs.
  • Convenience and speedy process - We take care of the loan procedure once you select a lender from our suggested ones. The bargaining part on interest rates (if you have any requirements) is ours. You must ensure that you provide all the details and documents necessary to process a loan. After all, the existence of a broker aims to offer services to the borrowers. We only try to do it properly.
  • Borrow up to 80% of your turnover - Businesses with strong market roots are considered successful. Such businesses even handle their ups and downs efficiently. If you have a good history, you can get 80% of your turnover as a loan. Even with a credit score issue, you deserve a low-rate business loan in the UK. It is because we know the lender considers your repayment intentions and financial capacity.


What are transport and logistics business loans?

Many businesses are related to the transportation and delivery of goods and products. The loans or finance options available to such businesses are called transport and logistics finance. These finance options are abundant, providing funds according to your eligibility. The credit history of your business and the current repayment capacity are always two important factors. The transport and logistics loans are available as secured and unsecured business funding, depending on your business requirements.

How long will it take time to process my loan?

If it is an unsecured short-term business loan, it may be a matter of a few hours or one-day maximum. However, the process may take one week for long-term transport and logistics business loans in the United Kingdom/UK. This is because the lender has to check the worth of the pledged collateral. The individual circumstances of every business are also decisive. If you present all the required documents and details in one go, there will be no delay. Our customer support team will explain and assist you in documentation as well. We handle the loan process, and you can concentrate on your business growth.

What’s the minimum and maximum tenure for logistics business loans?

Well, this majorly depends on a business loan applicant's loan requirement and eligibility. However, at TheBusinessFunds, we have loan options with a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 5 years. We deal in all logistics business loans and all credit score stories. You should remember that there is a maximum tenure for every loan type. But what tenure you will get is a matter of the financial capacity of your business.

What is the current interest rate available?

Currently, the minimum interest rate available for transportation and logistics business loans in the UK is 0.9% per month. However, the loan applicant's financial background and repayment capacity are always decisive factors. That is why the actual applicable rate can be different. Usually, the business owners want to have a longer tenure. That is possible, considering your business credit history. TheBusinessFunds is known for providing customer-friendly deals because we understand our customers well.

Why should I hire a transport and logistics business loan broker?

You can count the multiple benefits of hiring a transport and logistics business finance broker. These are -

  • Escape from wrong lending options with high rates and expensive repayments.
  • Get the best rate in the market as the broker bargains with the lender on your behalf.
  • You can know about the new loan options in the market, as the brokers know the latest trends
  • Get loan options without any upfront fee