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Business loans up to £500k for retailers in the UK

Retail and Wholesale industries are among the most volatile ones. Retailers and wholesalers face many challenges in creating a consistent demand for regular cash flow and financial support. A myriad of challenges arrive to bring a new situation every time. Everything needs money, from strategic investment requirements to handling customer expectations and embracing new technology. No need to mention that business loans for the retail and wholesale sectors are a popular solution to all financial needs.

The finance market is as vast as the retail industry. Therefore, varied funding options are available. However, finding the right choice can be daunting. An empirical approach can be to look for a professional assistance. TheBusinessFunds is a UK based retail and wholesale loan broker with a panel of lenders. We aim to provide loan deals to business owners in a short time. As one of the commercial loan brokers, we find relevant retail loan deals. Not only this, but our team assists you throughout the loan procedure until the fund is deposited into your account. Click now and start your journey toward the desired funds.

What are retail and wholesale business loans?

Retail and wholesale businesses are two different but interdependent businesses. A wholesaler who buys products in bulk from a manufacturer or distributor sells to a retailer who sells directly to the consumers. For both the wholesaler and the retailer, a consistent supply of stock is the key business activity. For this purpose, they need regular cash flow, which makes them dependent on external financing options in a recurring manner. The funds they obtain through specific business finance are called business loans for the retail and wholesale sectors.

These loans vary in duration and loan amount, considering the business size, turnover and repayment capacity. Also, they are short-term as well as long-term. You need to shop around if you own a business in the retail or wholesale sector and are planning to borrow funds.

Finding a good business loan can be confusing, especially when you are not certain about the approval chances. Taking the help of commercial loan brokers can be a practical idea to practice and get access to the necessary funds. We are a business finance broker responsible for finding suitable lenders for commercial organisations.

The minimum interest rate for the loans is 0.9%. Depending on the business circumstances, loan amount, and tenure eligibility, the final rate can always vary. We can help you meet the relevant lenders, including traditional lenders as well as alternative financing companies. However, our job does not end here. Once you finalise a lender, we take care of the loan procedure, including bargaining on the interest rate and repayments. We have got your back for any requirement of wholesale business sector loans in the UK.

Retail and wholesale business types we deal in are -

  • Sports good
  • Food and beverages
  • Health and beauty
  • Clothing and fashion
  • Wholesale
  • Jewellery stores
  • Electronic goods
  • Office goods
  • Furniture and home ware
  • Kid’s toys
  • And many more

For what purposes can business loans for retail businesses be used?

Similar to the vastness of the retail industry, the purposes of retail business loan in the UK can be vast. There can be two categories of purposes for loans.

First, the specific and recurring needs keep changing in scale. For example - inventory purchase requirements but the inventory quantity may differ every time.

Second, the other type is for purposes that are not frequent. For example - the construction of a new retail showroom in a popular location needs a lot of money.

A retail and wholesale business loan can be used for many different purposes -

  • For hiring new staff or providing training to the existing staff
  • Moving premises or for new construction in the same premises
  • To pay off bills and other business expenses that are unavoidable
  • For purchasing stock through stock finance to complete a big order
  • Supporting working capital requirements is another popular purpose
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According to your purpose, TheBusinessFunds finds you loan options that are parallel to your expectations. You will get customer support assistance once your loan processing starts. Once we connect with you, we will ensure that your journey from loan application to approval and receiving funds is complete. To get business loans for retail businesses, you need unbiased assistance. As a broker firm, we can do it better. Once you contact us, we will put multiple lending options on the table. Let’s work together on the one that proves a workable option for you.

What business loan options exist in the retail and wholesale sectors?

Retail and wholesale business loans have different types depending on the kind of funding requirement. The loan types facilitate flexibility for the retailers and the wholesalers. They can borrow money using other methods according to their situation. It improves loan approval chances for them from any retail and wholesale business loan provider in the UK. You should be able to explore varied ways to obtain funds for your wholesale or retail business.

Following are the popular finance options available in the market -

  • Asset-based lending

    As you can get the hint from the term, Asset-Based Lending (ABL) is a secured finance option. You pledge any of your valuable assets to borrow money against it. Business owners use ABL to obtain working capital or for bigger purposes like, supporting an acquisition. It has specifically become a popular option after Brexit. Asset finance companies have dedicated teams for risk profiling, due diligence, portfolio management and exit strategy. You can borrow against inventory, plant & machinery, accounts receivable and property. ABL is usually a good option for businesses with good as well as low credit scores.

  • Invoice finance

    This type of financing provides funds against pending invoices that are yet to be paid by the customers. It is usually a reliable option for the wholesalers. When they sell a product stock in bulk, the payment usually comes in 60 to 90 days. During this period, it is natural to face financial requirements by a business. As a result, the merchants can present their unpaid invoices to the lenders. The lenders keep them as pledges to provide a business loan for wholesale businesses. When the buyers pay the bill, the money goes to the lender. A good thing about invoice finance is that the company takes care of the collection of the payment from the buyer.

  • Inventory finance

    It is again a popular method to borrow money. The business owner obtains funds against the inventory stored in his warehouse. It can be finished goods, raw materials or other components. This is why this option is called inventory finance. It is a short-term loan that supports a business in case of an emergency. But there are other reasons as well. It helps merchants stock the warehouse for peak seasons, expand product lines or buy bulk stock to get bigger discounts. Inventory finance is a good option to unlock the capital tied to their inventory.

  • Unsecured loans

    From individuals to business owners, unsecured business loans have always been a popular choice for people. For retailers and wholesalers it is an even more frequent requirement. These short-term business loans allow borrowing funds in a few hours. However, the interest rate will be higher as the tenure will be short. The maximum duration to pay off the loan is five years. Still, the loan type is an easy way to obtain funds without pledging any asset. Due to this reason, the merchants always find it a handy method. As long as they can prove their repayment capacity, they can get loan approval to fulfil commercial and financial needs in a short time.

How to apply for retail and wholesale business finance options?

Applying for a retail business loan has some practical and precise steps. In the case of secured loans with the demand for collateral, the process takes some time. For short-term unsecured funding, business loans for UK retailers are available with fewer formalities.

Step 1 -

Click to apply now and you will reach our online form. Here we will gather basic information about you and your business.

  • Name of your business
  • Total number of years of existence of your business
  • Monthly and annual business turnover
  • Loan amount figure you want to borrow

Step 2 -

This step includes gathering your personal details:

  • Your name with surname
  • Your role in the business
  • Your personal contact details

Step 3 -

Go through the terms and conditions and then click on the get free quote option. It will take a while to check your application with our experts to find the relevant lenders.

Step 4 -

You can expect a call or e-mail from our side to discuss the loan terms of the lenders that we shortlist for you.

Step 5 -

You can ask us any questions you have on that particular loan deal. We take care of your priorities in a loan agreement. Once you are convinced of everything, we can proceed with the final agreement with the lender. Once you sign the document and give consent, the loan gets processed, and you will receive the money in your business bank account.

Why choose TheBusinessFunds for business loans for UK retailers?

We are an online broker with multiple lending options. From traditional to alternative retail and wholesale business finance options are available with pragmatic repayment plans. For many reasons, you can consider us to be your next business loan broker in the UK.

  • Personalised attention - We know every business has different circumstances and, thus, additional funding requirements. To provide you with relevant quotes from lenders, we first understand your business. After all, we get workable loan deals from lenders only when we can explain you better.
  • No upfront fee - We practice professional standards as a responsible loan broker. You get free quotes and broker services without any upfront fee. Just like we suggest to lenders in an unbiased manner, we forward our services without any upfront cost or charge.
  • Assured data privacy - Whatever information you share with us remains with us always. The majority of our customers return for recurring requirements of finance/loans for retailers in the UK. It shifts a significant responsibility on our shoulders to take care of their data privacy.
  • Comfort with speed - You may not know which lender can provide you with timely funds and a free quote. We know the nerve of the market. Once you contact us, it takes a rationally short time to find a deal for you. You can sit back and relax while we find a good deal for you.
  • One-window solution - All your search for retail and wholesale business loan lenders in the UK ends with TheBusinessFunds. Once you choose us, we take care of the rest. From finding a loan option to ensuring timely fund deposits, we take complete responsibility.
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How much can I borrow through retail and wholesale business loans?

The minimum loan amount limit is £5,000 and the maximum limit is £500,000. The loan tenure is a minimum of 3 months to 48 months. But it is important to reveal the most significant logic. Your creditworthiness or repayment capacity will always be the prime factor, whether it is about small business loans or long-term loans.

What is the cost of retail and wholesale business loans?

The minimum rate of interest for the retail and wholesale business finance options is 0.9%. But as it is the minimum, you can understand that your eligibility decides the final rate. The simple rule applies all the time. A sound financial background gives you flexible rates and repayment choices. However, the options are available for all to offer affordable deals.

What type of wholesale and retail business loan needs collateral?

Any type of secured business loan demands collateral. For example - ABL, which is Asset-Based Lending, needs you to pledge any of your business assets. To know more about such loans, visit our contact page or leave a query and we will get back to you soon. Secured business loans are usually used to borrow a large amount of money for varied business purposes.

Can I use personal loan as an alternative to a wholesale business loan?

A personal loan can be a good choice but not for commercial purposes. A personal loan will have a higher rate of interest. On the contrary, a wholesale business loan in the UK is priced according to the industry parameters. It is destined for business purposes. Thus, it is a better choice. The brokers find a loan option tailored to your business needs, which is absent in the case of a personal loan.

Is an unsecured business loan a retail loan?

Yes, any unsecured business loan can be used as a retail loan. In fact, it is a common choice of retailers who cannot afford to pledge any asset as collateral. Also, for short-term fund requirements, an unsecured business loan can always be used as a retail loan.