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Let your business overcome every obstacle

Is your wish-list long to seek much-needed business growth? Are you looking for an expansion? Do you need instant funding to fill the cash flow gap? You can fulfil every commercial need by opting for well-tested and well-researched business loans in the UK.

Your business life will not be smoother since heavy competition in the marketplace. At some point in time, you require additional funding to back your growth. Looking towards cash investors may not solve the purpose. Instead, availing of loans is indeed a smart decision to make. It is a specific and assured funding option to manage your business needs.

Getting approval on long-term business loans from the mainstream lenders can become a challenge especially if you cannot fulfil every requirement they put. Digital business lenders are there but choosing the most reliable one can be tricky simultaneously. Here comes TheBusinessFunds, a responsible business finance broker.

We can introduce you to the most flexible business funding solutions that match to your needs. Our lenders specialise in not only long-term but also on short-term business loans on quick acceptance.

You get the funding irrespective of the nature of your business, such as:-

  • Ecommerce
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Logistics

Our loan guidance goes beyond the boundaries in the UK. Even if your business is located in Nottingham, Wolverhampton, or Birmingham, business loans will be accessible from top lending institutions at your location.

What is a business loan? A need, not the desire

It is a financial product that a business entity usually avails of, not an individual. These loans are available in various forms but are primarily categorised into business loans in secured and unsecured ways.

When a company opts for a secured loan, the borrowed sum should be followed with a valuable asset. Furthermore, the amount will be available according to the current value of that asset. Conversely, an unsecured business loan does not have such a provision. You must convince a lender about the proper repayments from other sources rather than the collateral.For instance, your lender may ask you to give a personal guarantee. This will be in your favour regarding lower interest rates because, in guarantor business loans, your guarantor will repay if you default.

Some apply for loans to buy a business in the UK to spread their commercial wings around the marketplace. In recent times, we have received many requests on business loans in Scotland, due to the growing opportunities of doing businesses there. Moreover, there is also a huge demand for small business loans for women in the UK and our suggested lenders have tailor-made deals on them.

The amount and the repayment term may vary from lender to lender or according to the requirement of a particular company. Some loan providers have fixed interest rates while some remain flexible when it comes to business loan interest rates. You can share your preferences with us, and we will suggest the relevant loan providers within a few minutes.


Where to make the best use of a business loan?

There is no denying the fact that a business needs proper funding to grow up its presence in the market. The competition will be there, and you cannot take things lightly. Traditional cash investors may satisfy you but for a certain period. Instead, getting the best business loans in London can be a cost-effective solution.

It is a much more flexible option where you certainly get financial support per your commercial needs. You do not have to lose control over your business all at once. However, your uses will define whether you need a secured business loan or a business loan with a guarantor.

You can use online business loans for the following purposes:-

Refinancing a Debt

You can get a new loan with a better interest rate to replace previous debts.

Possessing a New Business

You want to dominate in the marketplace. Go for loans and acquire a new business.

Property Finance

With these loans, you get the funding back up to get the commercial mortgage.

Asset finance

Get asset finance by using the company’s balance sheet or other assets.

Buying stocks

Purchase new stocks to keep up the sales growth of our company.

Enhancing cash flow

Ups and downs are part of business life. Therefore, improve cash flow from now.

Expanding your business

Take your business dreams to a new level. These flexible loans do help you a lot.

Locating a new branch

Enough of London? Now want to have a new branch in Leeds? Get the best deal on business loans in Leeds.

Buying machinery

Surely, you want more production and more returns by buying new machinery.

As the responsible business finance broker in the UK, we help you in every step to fulfil any of the above purposes.

What are the types of business loans to choose from?

A business loan in the UK marketplace is not a single funding product. Lenders here have categorised it into various forms. Indeed, some businesses require unsecured loans, while others prefer secured ones, depending upon their needs.

Remember, secured loans allow a higher amount to borrow, and their interest rates are lower. In contrast, unsecured loans carry higher interest rates with no collateral involvement.

Some typical loans for small businesses (or larger ones too) needs are:-

  • Cash Flow Loans: These are specific lending products provided to boost the cash flow of any firm. This type of business finance can be availed of quickly depending upon your experience in the marketplace as an established business. Some lenders may run a credit check, but we select only those lending firms where a soft credit check is, not a hard one.
  • Small Business Loans:Such loans are helpful during a financial emergency or accomplishing a small commercial purpose. You get a small lump sum amount to borrow and repay it in comparatively shorter loan duration. We know the lenders who have a digital presence and reliability factor. Once you apply there, you have every chance of fetching business loans on quick disbursal of funds.
  • Guarantor Business Loans: It is a product where the firm puts a personal guarantee instead of collateral to get a larger amount. The personal guarantee itself works as the loan security, making the lender secure in offering funds without worrying about losing repayment. You get lower interest rates, too, which save a lot of money for your business activities. Another benefit of this guarantor business loan is that your company can have a better credit score. It is because you are not going to lose the repayment. In addition, you have our support in finalising the best lender.
  • Working Capital Loans: These are suitable for everyday business costs and growing your business capital. With our guidance, you will be able to get the most trusted deal offered on these loans. These will be customised to assist businesses in managing their cash flow in a more organised way and in handling small funding issues. However, if you need larger investments, you can also go through asset finance solutions.
  • Bounce Back Business Loans: Small firms can get these loans to recover the loss due to Covid-19. These business loans in the UK are primarily for small business firms affected severely by that global crisis. However, they are not much in trends, but small businesses still need financial assistance to escape that draught.
  • Women Business Loans: We keep our list of lenders updated with suitable business loans for women entrepreneurs. The best part is that our panel of lenders will offer special relaxation on business loan interest rates if they are showing good returns from their businesses. They can opt for joint business loan applications as well if they have some issues of their credit scores. Our recommended lenders accept only online applications for loans for women in business, making borrowing easier for them.

What are the pros and cons of business loans?

Almost 50% of small business enterprises have noticed growth by getting business loans. If you also want a similar outcome, approach us anytime and anywhere. As being your trustworthy business finance broker, we will guide you in having the appropriate loan offers irrespective of your business credit scores.

Moreover, you can better analyse the loans’ pros and cons with us. It is incredibly crucial to evaluate a particular loan before applying. Our loan specialists utilise every space to bring the best small business loans in Northern Ireland or almost all parts of the UK for your needs.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of business loans:-

Advantages Disadvantages
These loans are extremely useful for a quick cash injection or performing a long-term project for your business. Loans can increase your debts if you already have plenty of them.
Getting business loans for cash flow increases is always a smart decision. The loan cost may be higher, as if you go for a small loan, the percentage of business loan interest rates will be higher. If you opt for long-term, then overall rates will be increased.
It is indeed the fastest solution you get if any financial problem occurs. Our panel of lenders also offer same-day business loans for everyday business needs. The application procedure may be long and tedious if you apply from a traditional lender. Choosing an online lender needs wide research too. (Leave this on us)
With having both secured and unsecured business loan options accessible, you have a good or may be easy decision to make. Non-repayment of the loan may take your company against default. It will worsen business credit scores more.
Our suggested lenders are flexible in their approach and can modify the rates according to the business’s current situation. Your collateral will be at risk if you have applied for a secured business loan and missed any repayment.

What points should businesses consider while comparing rates?

A company can utilise a business loan in many ways. As an owner, you wish to expand your business, enhance the regular cash flow, or buy inventory. When looking for business loans on a quick note, you have options available such as equipment finance, business term loans, unsecured business loans and many more.

First and foremost is to compare business loans from the top lenders. You need to decide on one that matches your business and can contribute to your business growth. One of the most vital things to compare is business loan interest rates. These will have a vital impact on how much will be monthly instalments and how much you repay, including principal amount and interest rates.

If you are concerned about higher or lower interest rates, remember that different lenders have different costs available. Therefore, making business loan comparisons from varied lenders is vital to ensure a good deal in your favour. Nevertheless, an interest rate is just one element in loan approval. There are many other factors as well, which include:

  • Are the interest rates fixed or flexible?
  • What will be your business loan term?
  • What will be the total repayment (including principal loan amount and interest rate) till the life of the loan?
  • Will you apply for a business loan with a guarantor or collateral?
  • Do you get a redraw facility in between the loan terms, as it can reduce your interest payments in progress?
  • Is there any processing or administration fee?
  • What will be the business loan terms and conditions?

What are the qualifying conditions to get business loans?

Getting small business loans in the UK may be tricky due to the stringent policies of mainstream lenders. It becomes more of a challenge if the credit history is not impressive.

Borrowing funds has become a need for both small and large businesses. They need to boost their growth capital and expand their influence in the marketplace. At TheBusinessFunds, we vouch for saying ‘Yes’ to almost every kind of business, provided they can conveniently make the comparison of lenders here and choose quick loans for business that are beneficial for their interests.

Irrespective of size of your business or the type, you can find relevant deals here if:-

  • You are running a limited company or limited liability partnership (LLP);
  • A non-limited company under a partnership of a minimum of four partners;
  • The company should be UK based;
  • Trading should be of at least 6 months;
  • Minimum turnover of the company should be a minimum of £20000

These eligibility conditions are not fixed, as they depend upon lenders’ policies. As a responsible business finance broker, we can discuss this with the lender if you want something to change in the prerequisites. For instance, you may have decided initially to put collateral but later changed your decision to go for a business loan with a guarantor. You can discuss this with us, and we will further agree with your lender on this sudden change. A few lenders are also open to offering personal loans for business purposes on easy qualifying criteria.

How do business loans work?

Getting small business loans or large funding can allow you to fetch as minimum as £10000 and up to £10,00,000. Similarly, the repayment term can be a shorter one or many years, depending upon the businesses and their needs.

Interest rates and related fees also depend upon the nature of the loan and the business’s financial circumstances. Products like Asset Finance are usually applied for longer, whereas business loans on instant approval are accessible for a shorter term.

The procedure to get loans remains standard regardless of the loan and its character.

  • Approach Us

    Your first task is to contact us to get the most relevant deal from the most responsible lenders in the UK. Our lenders’ panel is designed as such where only a few providers’ names are there who can guarantee low-interest business loans in Wales, London, Birmingham or many other places.

  • Completing an Online Application

    The applicant must complete a loan application where details like type of business, bank statements, tax records and contact numbers should be there. Our lenders usually deal in online applications so that you can have business loans on quick acceptance.

  • Loan Formalities

    The lenders may perform a credit check on the businesses and their owners or directors. One thing is for sure our suggested lenders relieve you by ensuring only soft credit checks. Besides, the value of the given collateral should be backed by evidence if a secured business loan has been applied.

  • Initial Loan Quote

    After satisfaction with the borrower’s application, the lender will make a loan quote where the assigned business loan interest rates, amount, repayment period, and fees are mentioned. Before confirming the quote, you should analyse the ideal amount, loan term and monthly instalment using a prominent business loans calculator in the UK.

  • Final Agreement

    If the borrower agrees to the loan terms and conditions, the final agreement is signed between the borrower and the lender. Subsequently, the amount gets transferred to the bank account.

Thebusinessfunds - your most caring business loan broker

We are the modern-age broker for business loans in the UK dedicated to building a solid relationship with loan aspirants and the loan provider. We usually talk directly to the lenders on your behalf so that you can have the best deal according to your business requirement.

You only need to tell us about your current situation and requirement. We will soon get back to you by introducing the right deal.

We provide the right platform for business loan comparison without charging any fees from you. Our specialists also guide you in submitting a worthy loan application without error.

We do all these to vouch for the cheapest business loans than going directly.


How do I repay business loans?

Repayment is primarily based on the type of business loan. Many short-term loans are available for a smaller duration, and thus you can end a loan quickly. At the same time, long-term business loans need more time to repay. Repayments also depend upon your borrowed amount and the interest rate you have settled with your lender.

What are the features of women business loans?

Our recommended loan providers can offer small business loans for women between £10,000 and £400,000, depending upon the individual circumstances. With this amount, they bring plenty of features, which include:

  • 95% loan approval rate
  • Instant approval
  • Flexible repayment modes, including automatic transaction
  • Loans for any credit score
  • No fixed interest rates
What sort of paperwork is required for a business loan?

Although it relies upon lenders’ norms, generally, the following documents are needed to avail of a loan for your business:-

  • Details of all pending debts
  • Bank and tax records for the last two years
  • Future cashflow
  • Current Balance Sheet
  • List of commercial properties
Is availing of more money allowed on the ongoing business loan?

We are still determining this, but the lender may allow you to borrow more from the existing loan under specific conditions. These may be like you have been good in paying the monthly instalment on time and gaining sufficient business return to pay for extra money. In such a scenario, the application process remains the same.

Does applying for a small business loan affect the credit score?

Every loan has some effect on a business's credit score. Your credit score will decrease if you miss any repayment or do not pay. Besides, if you apply for multiple loans at a time, your credit score also gets affected. Therefore, you should analyse everything carefully before going for a loan option.

Is it a smart move to repay early the business loan?

You can repay the loan early if you have earned a good return and can repay the entire loan amount. However, you should analyse everything before taking any decision. Of course, you can also obtain fee-free loan advice from our experts.